Friday, August 08, 2008

"im richer than all yall, i got a bank full of pride....!"

todays blog, is brought to you by the swagnificent one himself- Prince Naseem. folks, just watch this video. and if this aint "swag" personified- i 'ont know what is....

bwahahahahhahahahah.. *rewinds to :59 mark*. gawd dayum. thas just.. just. disrespectful. im saying.. how you gone have a n!kka whoop ya ass, while doing the "body rock" is what i gwan know..

good Friday to most.. before i get started, i need to do this.. see these cats:

this is my folks from "DUUUUVAAAALLLL!", and the go by the name Whole Wheat Bread(sa k'pase.).... for those that know what time it is already- excuse me while i do my shyt. these cats right here- dangerous. stay on the road. stay killin the shows. and gawt damnit- not only are they the first act on Lil Jons newest label. but theyre also recording a collabo album with none other than my man MURS. real tawk- you cant knock that hustle, or the work ethic.. yall catch em soon on the Warped Tour, or in a city near you.. im saying. these cats is DOING IT! and in Duval.. we dont "hate". we congratulate as well as participate. click that lank up there, and show these folks some love..

it seems as if some folks cant take a joke... actually. is skateboarding just hitting a all out point, of "bitchassness"? real tawk? im saying.. if you go back, and look at the comments on most of my post, no one has much to say about a soldier throwing a dog off a cliff. a baby, babbling on like a preacher. a dude depiciting whats to be our next president, in black face.. but- you say suhn'tin about a skateboarder.. whooooooaaaa! watch how these geekboys come out the trenches for their "lord and savior". listen.. im gonna say this slow: LOOK. YOU GUYS SHOULD LET THIS "UNTOUCHABLE" FASCINATION WITH PRO SKATEBOARDERS, GO. THESE GUYS ARENT YOUR FATHERS. DAMN SURE AINT ROLE MODELS. AND AINT YOUR "LORD & SAVIOR". THEYRE SKATEBOARDERS, WHO SOMETIMES SAY AND DO UNAPPROPRIATE SHYT. ITS OKAY TO LAUGH AT PEOPLE WHO DO THESE THINGS.. so save the dramatics, and long winded diatribes.. because in the end, theres bigger causes to fight for- than ya favorite skater gettin "dissed". cool? cool..

so... whos gonna catch a STD first? did Matt Miller really grab a host from Brazils ass, on the red carpet? was Jake Brown the first black man to fall outta the sky, besides Jesus? and, is Kareem drinking a PBR? find out this, and much more when you click this lank and watch me hosting the red carpets @ this years Transworld Awards. big shout out to Lee Dupont, Blair, Carleton and my man E. Stricker for hooking that up too... jeah!

real quik, tho. im sorry. but i had to do this....

"Milaaaaaan! Kariiiiiiii! lets pack up the car! were going to Wally World..!". nawll. i really need to go to Six Flags, or suhn'tin.. aint that hoe free, with 6 Coke cans and a Gordito wrapper or some shat?! im there..

i gotta get up outta here.. i got shyt to do, like line up some finer points for my bday party next weekend @ Standard(DJ Rhettmatic, will be spinning. holla!). crank out 2 more Am videos for Transworld. and, then possibly go skate Supreme bowl for a bit....

hold the fokk up! BREAKING NEWS! Slap Magazine, is no longer running in print form. wtf?! click here for the official press release.. my only question here is- how can you still be a "magazine", yet its online? interesting..

anyways.. im really out, this time. yall be safe, and everybody have a good weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

prince naseem was a bad mother fucker...remember when he made zab do the chicken dance??? damn!

its too bad dude is getting fucked in prison right now. literally fucked. true story.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Nato Tuke said...

wholeeee wheattt breadiezz

1:28 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

Anonymous said...

prince naseem was a bad mother fucker...remember when he made zab do the chicken dance??? damn!

its too bad dude is getting fucked in prison right now. literally fucked. true story.


please expand...

actually. how would you know whos doing another dude in the bootyhole(no homo)?

actually.... nevermind.


1:51 PM  
Blogger bradtheraddad said...

Bernie Mac

9:50 AM  

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