Tuesday, August 19, 2008

"were really losing the human race.."

ok.. before i even get started.. heres a laundry list of things thats happened since i was last here:
- totaled the front end of my girls car(some bish in front of me, slammed on the brakes.. so did i. my front end went under their SUV. her muffler went thru the bumper.. and well. my unliscenced ass should be in jail.. but im not.. but.. i am a couple grand in the hole..). funny part of the story is- my girls front end is totaled. and heres this clowns car:

and this dudes talm bout he wants $1300.. "its a luxury vehicle..". bwahahahahahah.. whatchutalmbout Willis?!?! thas a Toyota, with a "L" on the back! fall back, cuzo.. trillaaaaaa
- went to some bougie ass LA spot(Hyde?), where i ran into Jake Brown. Brayden Szafranski, and Harif. but heres the kicker. i went to buy 2 shots of Jack, and 2 Stellas- $50.. needless to say. we all kept our money in our pockets, that night.
- had my bday party @ the Standard(big shout out to Ben & Jessee @ DF), and Rhettmatic, Vern, T.Mont, Kenny Hughes, Jake(again),Shelton.. shyt. alot of people were ther. even Milan! i somehow secured gettin a 8yr old into the Standard on a Saturday afternoon, and even walked away with this doozy of a gift:

(good lookin Jessee)
- later that night, i was riding my bike up to Tims, and a car pulls out.. needless to say. i went flying over the car. everything flew outta my pocket. and i now hold the record for the shortest time to ever own a iPhone.. (legs pretty copped & screwed too)
- saw Pineapple Express Sunday... real tawk- shyts good, but way too fokkin long. check for it yourself...

so.. fokk my weekend, though. the real question today is- what the FOKK is this?

(shout out to my boy Mike G. for the clip)
anyone care to elaborate..? ok.. Russell...
[10:11] sumosac: dude....don't put that on your blog...it's a half inch away from porn
finer words have never been spoken. but then again- when the fokk have i EVER listened to Russell? anyhow. what the fokk is wrong with kids these days? where do they learn half this shyt from? i mean.. that was REALLY, FOKKED UP! I mean.. that kid was basically- a mini Shabba Ranks! call me crazy. but shouldnt ALL these kids be outside playing in a tree or suhn'tin? were really losing the human race..

actually.. imma give these kids a break.. because theres just some dumb ass PEOPLE out there. take for instance this clown:

anyone who plays with Mother Natures wrath.. i have no remorse.. anyone dumb enough to strap a kite to their back.. i feel no remorse.. smh @ this dude thainkin he's Harvey Birdman. i bet even the birds was lookin at this dude on some, "aint this about a 'beep'". assclown..

thas all for today.. i got some work to do, and some shyt to pay for. like my girls rental, and my damn phone for starters.. in the meantime, if yall are in the greater LA area tomorrow- swing by here:

looks like its gonna be a good time.. hey! hold up? can i enter that hoe, too? is that even a possibility? to judge, and enter? i need to make a call.. 'cause yall KNOW how us Jacksonvillians get down in the bar.. yall be easy, and if youre smart- youd click that movie lank up there.. until next time. jeah!


Blogger Mary May said...

Hi Piff,

I came across your blog and read it. Very interesting if i must say the least. Anyway, I was curious about your first name. Is that a french name? And also, your last name is the same last name a TV family on Nick at Nite has. LOL LOL, i wonder if you are related?
God Bless!

9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No one blames you for quitting Clyde, but you took your fucking time hahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

6:01 AM  
Blogger Miguel Moreau said...

I love your blog Clyde! but you should upadte more often...damnit 2 weeks without any post !! come on bro

1:58 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

sup? been a hot min. since we've heard from you. your shit cracks me up and is iller that an dyin' cat with aids. you got my support for prez.

2:43 PM  
Blogger Jonny Tsunami said...

That "Harvey Birdman" video was clownin. Hey I'm starting up this skateboarding club at my school and I wanted to put a true Piff Huxtable qoute on some t-shirts I'm gonna be making for it. You think you could help me out with that? Stay up.

11:28 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

hope u ain't dead cuz you're too damn funny and funniest is what needs to go down. you balance so much shit out. your view on life is real and funny as shit sometime. well, a lot of the time. dude, you're out doin' stand up somewhere and that's why i ain't see any nuuuu shit on your blog. if you finished wit this than i respect that. if u still alive and well then i'd like to know. hit me up, yo! urban9 skateshop in baton rouge,LA rep rep

12:16 AM  
Anonymous Jimobz said...

bloog overs

7:57 PM  
Anonymous phuck hue said...

"were" not losing the human race Clyde, YOU are. Hope you realised what, having a blog to make yourself look good, feels like.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lesa allt bloggid, nokkud gott

2:59 AM  

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