Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"im actually proud i went to school(that day)..."

i think ive come up with the goodest question EVER. alright, now- "how do blind people know when to stop wiping their ass..?" im serious though.. see, little shit like that just lets me know, im a genius. with a really bad Now N Later habit. but according to this scientist, "black people are less intelligent...", which makes absolute sense- if you're a old white man. i mean, only intelligent people can come up with shit like the pyramids, hieroglyphics, chicken batter, G-Unit spinner chains and lastly- the question i just posed about blind people knowing when to stop wiping their ass. im a genius. deal with it, old man. so is these nikkas.. roll the tape..

really quik- what the fukk is this? oh.. the video up there? well, LRG makes the best denim at the moment, and Peter Smoliks the coolest looking dude skateboarding. rest of yall some "ole po' mans Jamie Thomas-with a hole in the knee- like a owl house-lookin ass nikkas! " well, gaaaaaaaawdidamn! looks like ill be redoing that video/track to everything pertaining to skateboarding, and hopefully ill drop that piFF by X-mas. i cant believe i just did that..

real talk- why is everyone worried about T.I.'s lil gun collection? ill make it simple- i dont even meet people in a parking lot to buy weed, so any Black multi-millionaire dumb enough to buy a cache of illegal weapons in one- just may fit in that scientist category from the first story.. me? personally, im more concerned with THIS DUDE, HIS BIG ASS ILLEGAL WEAPON AND AMMO "COLLECTION", and who the fukk he might know... im saying. who builds a tunnel under their crib? this dude aint playing no hide & seek! wake the fukk people. fukk being scared of some 5'2 rapper, with 2 priors. you probly live next door to Sgt. Slaughter right now, and dont even know... whatchutalmbout.

does anyone know who this guy is?
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damn. look at that ni... hold on?! thas me! bwahahahahahahahaahaha.. look at my haircut game! dizamn! look like somebody hit me in the head with one of those $.89 coffee cakes! see. only a true G, will post his 7th grade photo. i also, ain't one of these fake ass rappers. im actually proud i went to school(that day), and even prouder i'd dropped out a year after that photo and made it as far as i have.. so, "hardee har har" nikkas. but my haircut game is frukked UP!! story time- this white kid i grew up with, Brian Stewart, decided one night after skating- he was gonna cut my hair. first off, this dudes hair looked like this. alright. so, my mans pulls out the clippers. now, he was good at art, so we figured he'd cut "Batman" in my head, with a matching Batman symbol in the back. what? that shit was fly back in the day?! real talk. so about 2 hours, and a shitty joint later, the dude stops cutting and goes, "uh-oh". "Uh-oh"s never= good. i ran to the mirror, only to discover that the whole kit looked good, until i got to the right side. this dude cut "BatmaT" in my fukkin head! what the fukk is a "BatmaT"?! then, to add insult to injury- he turned the T, to a N. wow. needless to say, my Mom came and got me, i wore a hat both all the way home, as well as the next 2 weeks i skipped school so the shit could grow back out.. ive never let a white person with clippers, touch my hair since. true story...

i shoulda been hanging out with these dudes..

fukk using my obligatory two "K"s- now THOSE is some dangerous niGGas! damn! but, whats worse. that, or this clip..

sad.. and yet, amazing at the same time. here you have a group of kids who cant even multiply, but they can mentally calculate hate- perfectly. i went to school, as well as grew up with kids like the ones seen in both clips. and as i said- im glad i dropped out & moved. before i get outta here, but you should check out this new Freeway track. or here. The Carter 3 advance.. what? i dont fukk around! im trying to go skate tonight, so imma check out a video from this lank, and put a board together. i suggest you do the same. happy birthday to Melissa too.. people gon' be maaaad about that one. know what though? fukk 'em. Happy Birthday again! Thursday night. me, you and something salty/battery. and people, i will be in Philly for Halloween. you've been warned.. goonie goo goo.


Anonymous craig said...

good shit c... but LRG denim dont have shit on my evisu and samurais.

8:51 AM  

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