Wednesday, October 31, 2007

cause im a supacalafrajalistictictactoe.....

uhh.. farealligan. this songs the shit. just wanted to throw that out there. checking the temperature in this bish. oh yeah. a video intro.. roll the tape...

anybody care to discuss, what the fukkery that was? and does that fat dude, got down-syndrome? if so, i can only drop 'the funny' 15%.. its the lowest i can possibly go, before the accountability department starts asking questions. watching that clip reminds me of the time i went to Ocha on Western, and ordered the 'beef skewers'. after chewing on what appeared to be a medium-well broiled Timberland, my dumb ass asked, "what kinda beef is this?" long story short- i dont know what "beef frank" is, but it reminded me of that fat dude in that clip...

anybody know Vice President Cheney, and Barak Obama are related..? well, know you do. in related news,
"my hips connnected to my.. thigh bone
my thigh bones connected to my
knee bone
my knee bones connected to my
hardee-har-har har..."
aaaaawwwww. shyt. you know i had to do it.. reeeeeeeewind.

diggity-dun-da-da-dun-dun.. dun-dun! sorry yall. i got a little carried away. but, thas my shit. by the way, i got a new blog. click this lank, and get all.. well not all, but most of the music i gets. dont trip. i just like to share, and ya girl probly does too. that was wrong. eh, who cares. its Halloween. but then again, i do live in a city where this.. a "everyday thing"

as well as this..


oh by the way- ill be doing all this over at Transworld starting next week. had to change my style up. and if they hate, then let em hate- imma be... watching this RANDOM/FUNNY ASS CLIP.

question to all my old school heads. besides lookin.. well- homo, was this nikka doing the "Doug E. Fresh" at :51 of the video? dayum! i aint know 50 had it in em. no homo. this entire message, as well as the video, has been brought to you by our good friends at "No Homo". who've "been turning regular statements, into something randomly homo, since 1990 something".

i think thats possibly one of the funniest videos on the in'nuhnet. too bad i got things to do today though. in the meantime, im still trying to figure out how someone made this building...
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and didnt notice the floor plans ahead of time? im just saying.. and btw- the two buildings next to it, are in the form of fighter jets. hmmm.. yeah. so as i said- im outta here. i got a portfolio, and reel tape to work on. told yall, let em hate all day. yall gone fokk around and get diabetes with all that hate in ya blood.. bwahahahahahah.. oh yeah. hello Naama. im tryin to get my Rashad on with you, so you should really learn how to roller skate, and bowl. you can do me that slide? thinkaboutit.. im out yall. jeah!


Anonymous huphtur said...

Klaait: check out this blog as well
tons and tons of new tunes every day!

3:38 PM  
Blogger Ghostface said...

das efx!

9:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding that building, a loud ass Whitney Houston-esque HELL TO THE NO on that one. Un-fuckin-real, yo. A fuckin government bulding no less !?!?
I thought that shit was a photoshop job.
Y'all better google somebody.
And our media has the balls to say conspiracy theorists are crazy. At this point, fools are just waving it in the publics face and we're all too busy suing motherfuckers over iPhone prices.
As soon as I clear up some minor legal issues so I can fly, Im breaking up with America....this bitch is crazy.

4:23 PM  
Blogger dL said...

Check out Google Earth:

32°40'33.85" N
117°09'28.11" W

(Or Eniwetok Road/Tulagi Road on North Island, San Diego, CA, USA)

Naval base. Congratulations.

8:14 AM  

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