Thursday, October 04, 2007

"stay in ya lane, pass the torch and watch my feet.."

yall know the drilly.. im no psychologist, but this dude seem mad... or you tell me. roll the tape..

well goooood morning Vietnam! hell yeah, his ole "its gold in dem dere hills" lookin ass, is infuriated! too bad somebody shoulda told ZZ Top, the government not only dont care about Blacks.. but they dont give a shyt about our vets either. but im 100% backing not only his will to step up for what he believes in, but at the same time- possibly get swizz cheesed up for it . and thas some real tawk.. real quik tho- who the fukk walks around with a big ass Castle of Greyskull hand-sword anyways? bwahahaahahhahah.. that Mexican dude was lookin at ole boy like, "this deranged gold rusher aint bout to make no human skirt steak out my ass.. " that clip is classic in ever ysense of the word..

but not as great as this..

gaaaaaaawdamn! now too bad that dude wasnt working the door at the bar in the above story! lets go back to :40 of the video. yall see this nikkas face?! yo. if anybody in your entire life, ever tighten their face and jaw that hard and is walkin toward you... please hope you've already invested in either some really good health insurance, or a will! i mean.. damn. all that was missing is one of them animated sound effects they use'ta run when Batman use'ta mollywhop folks up.. fukk it. im watchin that piFF again....

so.. anybody seen this new $5 bill yet? step you knowledge game up.. its more in the world goin on then Britney Spears.. speaking of the hoe, why is everyone trippin? shes seems pretty American to me.. lets see. her kids drinks soda outta a baby bottle, they eats Dorito's regularly, she cant dance, and, after she had kids, she took on the shape of a marsupial.. so.. once again- whats the problem? oh. the photo where she was exiting her vehicle, and it looked like there was a uncooked sausage sammich in her lap? that one- right?

"lets take a sec and think back..."

you dont know, you betta ask somebody! guess what?! i just beat a case today! fukk it.. everybody celebrate w/piFF aka "the 2007 Nino Brown". here yall go. new shyt! Whoo Kid & 50 Cents: G-Unit Radio 25! holla... nikka, what?! im doing the Dame Dash dance, with a carton of Mango juice right now! and my record remains spotless... man. yknow what- id hate me too! before i get outta here, im gonna leave you with a sneak preview of the piece im bout to tatted up..

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any questions? well, im outta here.. got a audition to host some new tv show, help my man produce & network for his footwear documentary, a article to write, a rap group to interview, a lawyer to meet.. man. i keep tellin em, "dont worry 'bout where im going..! just stay in ya lane, pass the torch and watch my feet...". until next time yall.. jeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how the white kids keep dancin and actin like its part of the show. That dude got knocked the fuck out.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That vid is real hip hop. Good pick Clyde.

Fuck 50 and the bullshit.

8:14 PM  
Blogger Zack said...

holy spit. did it again.

11:19 AM  

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