Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"dont hate the gator, hate the lake.."

so, im just gonna come in strong. im having a bad week, and i need a good laugh anyways.. roll the tape.

so... who wants to go first? damn, that was pretty mean, huh? i dont give a fukk, nikka! i got a funnier one than that.. here. click this..

now THAT- IS FUKKED UP! but- i still dont care.. word. i mean, why would i? i didn't film it? i didnt put it on youtube, and furthermore- i got it from my friend Josh. so "dont hate the gator, hate the lake..nikka!" one more clip. im serious. just one more..

oh clawdd hammercy.. what is better than that? im saying.. i swear before Gawd, i just drooled on my keyboard. please people. lets go back to the :44 mark. you see her face? that cat did something to her soul.. "that was like a outta body experiment..". yeah bish. we saw it in your face, after that cat layed the "paw of a pimp" down on your cheek region.

speakin of pimps..
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besides looking like a box of Frankenberry w/a perm- this dude has officially become my new hero. im saying. the dude wore a noose, to the BET hip-hop awards and BET got offended. the irony. BET offended by black folks.. thats equivalent to a dude eating a piece of chicken on a couch, and getting mad at a dude with a jerri curl for leaning his head back on the same couch. a stains, a stain dickmittens..

wow. im on my shit, like a pamper today. who want some free, i mean promo music? new Mobb Deep mixtape. jeah! sadly, one of them cats wont be around for a bit, so im gonna gon' head, & pay respects. plus- he might see my man Steven Cales in the joint. remember that cat?! i got a quik Cales story. one time(i wanna say '95), i was humping this girl in BK @ Ryan Hickeys crib. so in walks Steven around 3am, and unbeknowest to me, he was in the same room. next thing i hear, "WHAM, WHAM, OOOOOOWWWW..", and this chick jumped up quicker than i dont know what. nothing touched me, so like a true G- i remained calm. then this broad turns on the light, and its Steven standing there with a fukkin ninja mask, and a broomstick.. classic. long story short- he swatted her over the ass with the broomstick twice, and tried to ram it in one of her lower orifices.. and theres the end of my story. yup. i got more stories than Dominic Dunne on 'shrooms.. you aggie, doggie?

anybody seen this movie yet?
probly not, but you should watch it anyways. but before you do that, would anyone like to explain to me exactly what the fokkk this negroes wearing?

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fa'real though. lets examine this right quik... now- he IS wearing paink leather pants, with a rhinestone white leather glove, right? ok. now... hold on! is this nikka dressed like one of Apollonoia 6, or am i buggin?! this dude also wears purses.. im just saying. when ya kid come home lookin like this one day, and next week he come in holding lil Ritchies hand fom up the street- dont say piFF aint tried to tell you.

when keepin it real, goes wrong? or just some dumbass DJ who "looove black folks, but cant stand niggas..?" click this lank, and you be the judge. until next go, im outta here folks. i got shit to do, like eat candy and watch tv. once again- ill leave you with yet, another classic...

i just watched 4 of the newest skateboard videos last night, and them shits dont hold a candle to the above piFF... real spit. until next time folks...jeah!


Blogger jason said...

clyde your the man, havent seen reemo in a while. thanks, keep up the good work

6:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

steven cales that keenan was talkin about? he in jail, thats crazy. but yeah next time you see kareem tell that fool relaunch city stars

7:54 PM  
Blogger stacieA said...

So you know when Steven's getting out?

4:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when he steven is getting out or what prison hes in.....hes my brother and im trying to get back in touch with him....if you have any information please email me at steven_cales@hotmail.com (yes we have the same name)

8:28 AM  

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