Monday, April 21, 2008

" they was steppin on them boys, look like they was playin the last level of Dance, Dance Revolution.."

things that have happened since i been gone. no longer own a laptop. thanks to some shyt called MuscleMilk, im at least.. what? 6lbs, heavier. got a full beard. fell back in love, with my first goy'l. little brother moving back to the A, in 2 days. and, oh yeah.. this came out.. here ya go!

hmmm.. okay. lets see here.. in all fairness- can i just skip right along to something else? 'cause i personally know ALOT of people in that video.. and... not saying its "bad". im just saying.. i dont wanna say anything. ill leave the comments, to yall on this one.

look.. lets just discuss this instead!

what the fokk was THAT?! no. seriously. what the FOKK was that?! actually. i know what that was. nuckin futts! that dude can rap better than half the dudes i know! yall hear the way he rode that Dipset beat, AND "let that bish brea've" in the middle too?! this dude Eli says he "da bast, mayne...", and gawtdamnit- i buh'lieve him. u mad, Scooby?

hooooooold the fukk up.. hit the breaks. why the fokk, no one aint talm bout this? yall hear bout this? "boy"?! what. the. fokk?! u serious? oh yeah. while im on my politics. lemme gone head, and let this be known as well. now if you saw the debates last Wednesday, you probably remember the random old lady who asked the random question about a flag pin. well if you read here, itll go into detail how she was actually tracked down by a certain station. weird. even weirder? this guy, gave a speech on the balcony MLK was assasinated on. what the.. didnt dude publicly call some Asians, "gooks"? bwahahahahahahaahah.. so, whats next week? Micheal Richards gonna speak @ the NAACP Image Awards? real tawk- what the fukks really goin on?

in related news- wanna see what happens when you throw the n-bomb around?

good googly moogly!!!! they was steppin on them boys, look like they was playin the last level of Dance, Dance Revolution or some shat! and whoever jumped a lane of traffic, and landed on ole boy like he was playin Frogger, should look into skating. (and before yall get your panties in a wad, the 2 guys who caught "the beats" ARE NOT PRESSING CHARGES. damn. even they know, they fukk't up..)

oh! forgot to mention.. me and the folks at S.P.o.T. will be working together again. Damn Am.... all dat.. jeah! ill also be doing something at the TWS Awards.. oh yeah. might wanna let yall know about that too..
thas right.. hold on. its on a Friday this year? gaaaaaaaaaaaawd dayum! im there! i swear before the good Lawd, these folks know how to throw a awards/after party. didnt somebody wake up, under a table in L.A.X the next morning, last year? who cares! as i said- im there...

ok.. before i go. id like to once again thank Trent, Laura, Ed, Mirko, Milligan & everyone else who was in Phoenix a few weeks ago... i dont remember much. but, i do know i ended up paying a cool 200-something dollars for the clean-up of piss outta some poor girls car. the only thing that still trips me out to this day is- she'd given me the car & $50, i woulda bought her whip back detailed, with some Ewings on duh feet! im sayin.. who gets their car washed, where you cant get some rims and a dub at anyways?

i gotta run.. i got sh!t to do. like buy Sheltons G4, for $250. u mad, Scooby? you shouldnt be. Josh. Sampy. ill be in OC in about 2 days.. im bringing a backpack, a laptop, a camera, and 6-pack. until then. i leave you all with this swagtastic moment in music history. until next time. roll the tape, folks...


Anonymous BillyD said...

Is "i got the hook up" dead? Miss those mix tapes. Thanks for the good times though either way.


8:56 AM  
Blogger Neo Xian Wu said...

anyone else notice the white dude that got in on the bootdown?

1:14 PM  
Anonymous bruno said...

yeah clyzza, whats up with the hook up page son?

iron mic = best show ever. for real, i can watch that shit for days.

2:19 PM  
Blogger wilsyl said...

people please get off the mans nutz about "the hook up" I hate to point people elsewhere but try this one if you don't already know about it
anyways can we please talk about the fact that TK actually has a rap video, I will admit I thought what he did for the baker vid was kinda cool, and I get he's a personality but yo sometimes you gotta just stop folks before they take it too far

7:28 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

TK is doin' the damn thang! that dude is puttin' himself out there. props to that cat.

1:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

clyza. mad niggas is hatin on that shecks article. whutitdo?

2:11 AM  
Anonymous Anthony Blarns said...

Why are you guys worried about what clyde singleton says? He's a clown, straight up. He lampoons him self every day with his over ebonics and chicken meals. His job is to be a annoying voice that we all take notice to because he's trying to get attention. Sometimes it's funny, but most of the time it falls flat. Seriously, get off the dudes dick. He hasn't even graduated from highshool and you're treating him like a college prof of skateboarding. He means nothing and does nothing for skateboarding except leach off his old fame.

Sorry, it was long. I didn't want to hurt your feelings clyde, but it's true. you're over the hill bro.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the person above this comment is a serious hater. why are you up on here then? why YOU on his pecker? step off that dude's feet. you get'em dirty. in your face!
truly, dmc!

3:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clyde, your sick but you gotta stop actin like it's the 80's n segregation and loads of racism is still goin on. Sure, it happens but every fucking post about it, you're way too radical. Big fucking deal Geoff Davis said "that boy" he was literally talking about another guy. It woulda been the exact same if he said "that guy" or "that kid" who gives a fuck. He obviously didn't mean it in a racial way.

8:04 AM  
Anonymous bruno said...

fruck your blogspot wilsyl. if I wanted your hookup, i'd ask YOU for it.

and anthony blarns is a serious stan...that dude kinda worries me a little bit.

2:35 PM  
Blogger wilsyl said...

bruno, I'm not one to start a beef, especially on someone else's blog, but dude you need to chill, sorry I tried to help YOU out, you can keep waiting for clyde to update his shit if you want

4:40 PM  
Anonymous bruno said...

man i get heated without my hookups. see what you're doing clyde, step your blog game up son!

4:15 PM  

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