Wednesday, April 02, 2008

the laws been riding around scooping brothas up like John Hawkins, and the "Good Ship of Jesus"

okay.. okay.. i been gone for a minute, but im sure theres some random blogger, who thinks they funny, yall been catchin up on.. actually. no there aint. i run this shyt, like Pepto.. thaink not? roll the fokkin tape. im back, bishes...

hoooooold da fokk up! *goes back to 1:50 mark* did he just light a cigarette, with his feet?! with a, match too?!?! good googly moogly!! am i trippin, or is this dude 50x's gooder than half the "DJ"s in LA?!? DJing with no arms, lighting smokes off ya toes>>>thaink'n you the shyt, because you spin off Hollywood.. step ya lame up. i thaink my boy DJ Infader knows this cat, so watch for the exclusive interview soon.. dayum.. yall heard Infader, on that lank?! and why i keep calling him Infader? anyways.. the movements worldwide. music. television. videos. emceeing contest. man. we movin.. tell me when yall mad.

speaking of which, hopefully by the time this goes up, yall will bear witness to one Mike Rosa @ and for the record, at, we dont feel the need to bite other websites materials like some of these cats.. yall lookin flabby, and sick like Larry Johnson. pass the rock old man.. my crossover so hard, yall breakin yall legs & necks fukkin with me.. "let that bish breathe.."

for the umpteenth time- i cant stand liars. no matter the size of the lie, nor the gender of said liar- i cant stand a muh'fukkin liar.. so yall tell me. which one of these dumb hoes lied the hardest, or the smartest?

hmmm.. thats weird. ive never seen bullets, in the shape of Bosnian children.. lying azz.. moving on.

now. for some reason, this broads lie, is just ridonkulous..

this is Margaret B. Jo.. i mean, Margaret Seltzer. actually. who cares.. anyways. shes the author of Love & Consequences, and basically- the entire books a lie about her "gang life". just check these quick interview excerpts...

Q: Throughout the book, when presenting dialogue, you write in slang. You also replace the c’s in many words with k’s. Why?

A: You have to find a balance. You want to make the book understandable to the average reader in the suburbs but you also want it to be realistic. I’m not going to walk into a store and say, “Hi. How are you doing? Nice to meet you!” I felt if I did that in the book something would be lost. And I want people to understand how deep-seated the hatred really is between CRIPs and Bloods. CRIPs celebrate C-days rather than B-days (birthdays) and Bloods smoke bigarettes not cigarettes. The hate is so deep that, as a Blood, you automatically change the spelling in words with a c in them.

holy. fokkin shit. if you want a good laugh, go here and finish reading the pieces of the interview.. in all honesty- both of these woman suck. they both lie, and to top it off- Hilary got a head shaped like Cecil the Turtle.. but, they both equally lost for trying to get hood stripes.. talm bout "duckin bullets", and callin cigarettes- "bigarettes".. bwahahahahahhahahahaha.. sound like these cats who be writing, and talm bout skating- but NEVER(or barely) skated. "watch'a taaaaawlm bout.."- Shawty Lo

in related REAL tawkery my cousin Nate, happened to get locked up w/Antwuan during Tampa weekend. same paddy wagon, and all... i 'ont know what made this kid throw money in some ladies face, knowing the laws been riding around scooping brothas up like John Hawkins, and the "Good Ship of Jesus"... damn.. that was just.. politically, as well as socially- crucial! i keeps em talkin..

i heard Alex Olson aint on Lakai no mo'.... and? maybe people forgot about this, piFF...

uhh.. that dude(and his Pops)- can SKATEBOARD! its folks skating ledges at 2mph, gettin more respect & paper than lil dude. and, that aint right.. so as i said- good for him. fokk these, broke gossipy haters. and much success moving forward youngin..

well.. i suppose its about that time.. i would leave you with a flick, but i keep gettin hit up about the old school hip-hop vids.. so lemme demonstrate, if you will... ahem.

most of you, ill see in PHX this weekend.. the rest- in LA next week. and if i aint mentioned, im having a going away party in LA- no less than 2 weeks.. the only clue i can give is "life is but a beach chair, air, air, uh.." peace yall.. jeah!


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