Friday, April 25, 2008

by the way- im officially "wavy"

i should honestly take this time, to put a certain muh'phukka on blast. no. really. i should. but, then again- why? ive already wasted enough of my personal time, money and energy with this person. ive been through what seems to be this same situation... 3 times in a year? yall can keep the money. yall can keep ya bullshyt lies. but one thing you'll NEVER have moving forward, is a drip of respect. youre all known liars. you've all proven, .099% of what you SAID you'd accomplish. and, im not the first, or wont be the last to let you go. in the end- you gotta live with yourself. your whole life, and what you "think" it is/gonna be- a joke. you will soon see. with that being said...

... and, all calls, checks, etc., go to me aka "da Bawss", from here on out. ive said it before, and ill say it again- i 'ont need yall. yall need me. men lie. women lie. numbers dont. you wont be doin whatever you do, in a few months. guaranteed. i hope it was worth it.. lets get this bish crackin..

gawt dayum! she almost did some real life, Elmer Fudd type shyt! hey. i got a good question. how, and why was that twiggy limb'ded bish even holdin a Desert Eag'? i mean. she look like the type to use a electric can opener, to unpeel a banana.

i got another question. well. actually, 2. where is the DGK Atlanta "Cribs", and the Jimmy Gorecki "Cribs" on youtube? did anyone see, download, or anything of that nature? i got a stack on both those clips. my emails in the bio..

by the way- im officially "wavy". yup. wavy. u mad, Scoob's? too bad. and, dont go asking ya black friend what the fokk wavy "means", cause their swagger levels probly too low anyways. look. im the king of slang. the king of the in'nuhnet. and gawt damnit- im just. wavy! "Jerome.. hand me my mirr'uh!!!"

uh-oooooooooh.. just spoke to my folk Mr.Len, just hit me up with some fokked up news.. you guys remember the Sean Bell case? yeah. the one where the coward asss poh'lice shot up a innocent man celebrating his birthday, to tune of 50-SOMETHING BULLETS. yeah. i said, 50-SOMETHING BULLETS! well it seems as ifthe NYPD has been fokkin ACQUITTED OF ALL CHARGES, because "the testimony of witnesses, just didnt make sense..". real tawk. HOW THE FOKK CAN A STORY ABOUT A DUDE GETTING SHOT 50-SOMETHING TIMES, NOT MAKE SENSE? real tawk- fokk da laws. all of em. this shyt is truly- disgusting. a innocent mans dead. a kids no longer got a Father. a woman lost her fiance. Mother lost a son. And the most yall can come up with is- "the witnesses statements, didnt make sense?!" fokkin, wow.

in bigger, and gooder news- da crew known as SK8MAFIA, is down wit' us... da homie Ryan Coleman, is down wit us. Vapors online, is down wit us. skating, art, and music is a must-this blogs number one, one, one, one ,one, one, one...

i got a question? how does this happen to people?

jesus.. i hope the kids okay, but what a d-bag. watching someone fall like that, im more than convinced people really arent aware that the first year skating should be spent learning how to fall/bail properly. all that "gettin twisted like a R. Kelly cornrows(no homo), so preventable- its ridiculous. watching someone fall like that, is equivalent to standing over the plate and hitting yourself with the bat, before the ball bang you in the nuts. dumbass..

before i go.. i need you all to bear witness to the one, and only- Snake Eyes.
yu'op. the G.I. Joe Movies coming soon, and damnit- i got yall a preview of Snake Eyes! i mean.. look at the swag on this villianous sum'uhbish! i 'ont even like goin to the movies, but im there. know what? i gotta go.. too much to do. look for the new photo gallery on later today, and until next week... matter of fact. yall check out my man Kellen James pro video debut.. i said it 2 years ago, and he showed yall in Minority Report- dudes a BEAST. watch for more of Kel's in minority Report 2.. and congratulations on all your accomplishments. VERY well deserved. be easy, yall. jeah!


Blogger skatenacional said...

i am down with you 2 mang!
some real talk hurr.


12:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wavy is the name for someone who is a bisexual, they are neither straight nor bent they are simply "wavy".


11:43 AM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

dude, i saw the pic of your mac on transworld. what the hell happened to it? oh, yea they got some shady@ss peeps out in this world pretending to befriend us for our money and thangs. mad props to you for keepin' it moving! holla back!

4:30 PM  

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