Saturday, March 03, 2007

the movement, just keeps on moving..

im back in California. and guess what? i flew here, once again= with NO ID!!! amazing. so after being denied at the airport 4 different times, staying 3 extra days to wait for both my birth and social documents, i was let aboard a plane once again- with no ID. they didnt even ask me for it! and if i failed to mention- i paid no extra fees, plus i flew first class.. bwaaahahahahah.. the movement, just keeps on moving don't it. so, when i did fly in, i stayed at my old girls house, and we, you know- did it. did i say that? yeah. so, we did it, i woke up the next day @ 8am, rode my bike 4 miles to the nearest DMV, and finally- got a new ID. then i brought home some doughnuts... commercial break!

so.. who feels uncomfortable? whys it so quiet right now? hmm. in other news, a high school principal was recently busted for selling and using meth. at the school though. doesnt hthat sound funny to say. "high" school, and meth. jesus. strange twist, although he did get busted at the school, the cops say they don't believe he was selling to the students. ok. whoevers dumb enough to believe that, is.. fukk it, just- dumb. probably dumb enough to say something like this... roll the tape

bwaaahahhaha you see her face? classic piFFlery. im outta here. but before i go, i wanna congratulate the one, and only Melina Jones on her debut release- Swearing off Busters... . for those who haven't heard of her, you will. if you wanna come and celebrate her album release..
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see thats whassup. i told yall, the movement just keeps on movin.. fukk it.. while im at it, im liking this kids video.. and if you got a minute, check out my man Big Germs new blog..jeah! i gotta run. if you can excuse me, im watching a official copy of Minority Report, on a fukkin projector at my friends new condo in Orange County. in one hour, i'll be on my way to hollywood to do the damn thaing up there tonight. dont get mad. its cool. im just styling on you nikkuhs, thas all...


Anonymous Chris said...

Jigaboo bright? Coon chicken inn? What? Had me tap dancing in a cotton field with that one. If my extremely poor sense of humour hadn't kicked in, I almost could have been offended by that one.

This blog never fails to give me a laugh. Thanks.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What does gay taste like?

12:38 PM  

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