Thursday, February 22, 2007

who's losing the human race..? seriously?

what do you do, when you have a video premier, and your master DVD's(plus all clothing you brought into town) at your friends house, and he doesnt answer the phone? me? i go to the venue where the video was to be w/a fine ass bird, and have some chicken wayngs & Jack. see, i don't know how yall do it, but i keep shyt moving. unlike this crazy bitch
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what happened to this girl? seriously. first she marries a arrogant, untalented wigger. then she shaves her dome. now, shes beating up cars with umbrellas. God bless white people. at this rate, between this bitch, Flava of Love, and I Love New York, i cant tell who's losing harder in the human race. the only people who haven't played themselves to a redunkulous public audience, are Eskimoes. by the way- are there black Eskimoes? it's nikkuhs in Alaska, bangin on sleds 'n shyt?! i heard of Black pirates doing drive-bys in canoes in the Bering Strait, but black Eskimoes...? nah. really quik. why am i the last person in the world to see this piFF? roll the tape

why wasnt he on the White Rapper Show? can someone answer that? oh! i got more piFF. here ya go..

im sorry to inform yall, but thats possibly the best skateboard commercial to date. the worst part is, those are the worst shoes in the world. well. Black Sheep's a close second. whoops. did i say that. fortunately, i did. well i gotta get up outta here. gotta run up to NY, and meet w/the folks of the Afro-Punk Film Festival. yup. Minority Report in a this years festivities.. not a bad look huh? ill keep yall posted on the details. until then, be easy.. jeah!


Anonymous huphtur said...

That snox shoes commercial is a ripoff from this:

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