Tuesday, January 09, 2007

u mad cuz piFFs stylin on you?!

i'd like to personally take this time to thank the people at VH1 for.. just roll the tape

okay. now we have 3 things that are really wrong here. first off- why is Rosie O'Donnell on VH1? secondly, why is she walking around the crib with a dildo? and lastly- did she just put that sh!t on that dudes lip?! gaaaawDAMN! i think VH1 has gone out and done the impossible. they've somehow found something to televise w/more second-hand embarrassment than Flava of Love. im in! and for the record- anytime there's a house full of white dudes, and a Micheal Strahan shaped bitch rapping, you can count me in. did i ever mantion i know who runs dontbelievethehypebeast. no. im serious.

i was supposed to just go to San Jose "really quick" for a Murs video, and that "really quick" turned into 2 days @ 6 Newell in SF. the weekend festivities included well over $500 worth of you-name-it 12 packs, Dave Duren getting arrested, slipping out of the cuffs(?), and subsequently getting punched in the forehead by the cops, and Frank Gerwer playng the drums for 10 hours straight while i slept through it. then being the genius i be, i drove home and got drunk w/Michelle and watched 45 minutes of the game. i think Florida won, but if you read the last sentence.... actually. holy guapomole!!! i found it! ladies and gentleman.. i present THA piFF!!! ROLL THE TAPE DAMNIT!

oh- the cals on you?! hooooooooly goodgooglymaugglewaggly. he sent that nikkahs fitted cap into orbit! thank the lord i found that, because i think the guy who got styled upon, blocked it from being embedded. he should've been blocking that fist that was embedded in his jaw before his hat left the galaxy... "oh..u mad cause im stylin you..." classic piFFlery. im outta here.


Anonymous cmf said...

if you know who runs "dbthb" tell them to fucking update it. i need more hate in my life.

6:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


1:56 AM  
Anonymous skategro said...

clyde, everyone wants to know, are you sheffledge?

5:01 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

skategro said...

clyde, everyone wants to know, are you sheffledge?


i have no idea what that means, so no...

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds sheFF to me.

7:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude sucker punched cause he don't have any other skills i guess?

5:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


interview with E-N-J, dude with the nice right.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Chris said...

Fuck that video with dude getting his wig pulled back cause I'm more facinated by the White Rapper show. It looks like somebody gave the special ed class a turntable and a mic. Even worse, that beast of a female put a plastic dick on that grown-ass man's lips on national television. That goes beyond being clowned. The whole world saw that! I felt ashamed for bearing witness to that. And God knows I don't even want to think where that shit's been on that Magilla Gorilla scalawag! I may need therapy after seeing that.

3:44 PM  

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