Friday, February 16, 2007

this is one hour of my life....

so... in case you're wondering what i've been up to, ill give you the last hour of my life. i woke up at dont-worry-bout-her-names studio, and her boyfriend was on her way over. uh-oh. so as im exiting, i realize that i'd given away the shirt off my back to the owner of Django last night, and to my luck- its 30degrees here in Atlanta. By the way, I'm in Atlanta. so here i am with a fukkin tanktop, a LRG track jacket, the wind chills making it about 15degrees, and to top it off- my little brother picked today out of all days to go to work. perfect. so i decide to go hang out at Stratosphere. why? oh yeah- theres a enraged boyfriend 2 minutes behind me, its 30 degrees, and i don't have a t-shirt. to my luck, when i get to the shop, i realize i've lost my power adapter to my Mac. there was no reason to look for anything else of importance, because it would only get me madder at this point. so im chilling in the shop, and in walks my little brothers friend Alphonzo. I like Alphonzo. he drinks like a fish, he's always laughing, and today he was a SuperHero of sorts. he asks do i wanna go by where he works to hang, drink some beers, and use the net. little did i know he works at Turner Studios. Jeah! its on again! the owner of the studio just walked in and asked what kinda beer do we want. bwaaaaahahahahahahha. i just can't lose it seems. im outta here. i got life to live, beer to drink and mad boyfriends to duck. ill be back, but who knows when. but remember, when i do- the stories will only get piFFer.

before i go, did i mention that Lil Jon was on my flight up here from Miami? well he was. and so was Ron Artest, and that dude Haslam from the Heat. wonder who's gonna walk in this studio in the next five minutes is a good thought though. im really out this time... jeah!


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dummy cool with mr len and co flow or that shit

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