Monday, February 26, 2007

the 20piFF hour...

now, with black history monf' on its 25'ff hour, plus my flat out lost of a bet to Russell that John Brown would win the "White Rapper Show", i thought i'd start this blog off w/this powerful piFF/gift for Russell and you fine folks.. roll the tape..

that is nothing short, of pure genius. now onto other things. Minority Report is finally on shelves. this time- i'm not kidding though. no hold ups with production, delivery, etc.. them shyts is at Listen Skateboards, and been shipping all week to any and all distibutors. i'd personally like to thank Mirko, Glenn @ Chapman, Jim Theibaud @ Deluxe, Kayo, Slap magazine(check out the video review in their newest issue, as well as a upcoming 8-10pg editorial), plus everyone else who's come to the premiers. also, the filmers, and anyone else who's been supportive. really quick- y'all should check out my man Tony Montgomery's part in the new City Video. actually, if you go to the City website, you can see the entire video for free. why? i dunno.. but you can. and if you havent heard, Dave Carnie has a blog now! he also owns a cell phone! welcome to the 21st century Dave. i'll be back to kick your ass on your own dart board by weeks end.. ill bring Guitar Hero too. shyts tits..... jeah!

oh shyt! i just remembered, i walked in snow the other day! what? i've never been in the snow before... im dead ass serious! man, i was walkin around Philly, lookin like the Abom'Nigble Snowman out this bitch! best thing about being in the snow- either seeing girls with that snow white, walrus mustache that instantly applies to their facial region, or watching a dog breathe smoke. you know its cold, when you see a fukkin dog, blowin smoke rings!

the other day, i bought this book, read it in a few hours, and plan to read this one tonight.. yeah. got that original, 1944 print. 13th edition too... jeah! dont worry. one day, it'll all make sense to you. as for today, you're still bookless, and lack decent conversation about anything other than what someone said one VH1. oh yeah- i've been working on a book. did i mention imma be back in Cali in les than 48hrs..? only this time, i'll be handling some bi'ness, while consecutively doing the Heisman on particular people i really don't care to mention. also, for the first time in almost a year, ladies and gentleman- piFFs gettin a photo ID. why? well obviously because i "need" one, but mainly because i spent $120 going back & forth(4 times) to Philadelphia's airport, faxing shyt, talking to complete fucktards, only in the end to be finally told- i need a photo ID. oh well. it was fun while it lasted... think im mad? Ha! im saying. how could i be "mad", when theres classic piFF like this going on in the world...

gaaaaaawdamn.. that was so good, even though it aint even time yet- im gonna go ahead and start celebrating whyte people, before everyone else does. folks, i have here, in this very blog- the future of whyte America. people, this is what can happen if your child OD's on BET. roll the tape....

hold on.. @ the 1:45 point, did they "do the Matrix with it"?! gaaaaawdamn! so, since black history monf's gonna be over in a few hours, is it safe to say i love these girls? i have no idea how i never meet girls this cool, but if you're whyte, and you can dance this good, please holla at piFF. and all you whyte people who think this is "stupid"- you probably just mad cause they styled on you. im out. RC's been kickin my ass in this MLB2K7.. i would supply the screenshot, but to be honest- i dont even think the shyts out yet .. before i go- thanks again to RC, KT, Afficial, o'neals, Nocturnal, Sean "the Flyin Hawaiian" Kelling, Frank White, 33 and pretty much everyone in the city of Philadelphia besides the staff at Delta. yall be easy, and once again- Minority Report is out right now!


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