Friday, January 05, 2007

Friday, January 5iff

where have i been? the question is, have you seen this sh!t yet..

DAYUM!! i aint never seen nobody do the forward moonwalk so fluidly, in my entire life. what the hell kinda dance was that?! i mean, that nikkah got hit so hard, he was dancing like Paula Abdul in the "cold hearted snake" video! damn!

ill let you in on a little bit of whats goings on.

-Mistah FAB(?) is sponsoring his own skate team, as well as has a wheel coming out(really quick, whos this dude..? no. seriously.)
-The Pack are getting their own shoe on Vans(you're welcome, Ray Barbee, Peter Hewitt, and anyone else who waited more than 10 years. wow)
-Lupe has an "ode to skateboarding" and also sponsors his own team, and Snoop might start one(what the...?)
-Pharrell also sponsors a team and "dresses the part of skateboarder in his videos"(something i almost wanna give this dumb ass credit for, but..)

and some more useless shit i'll get into in a minute. one of the most interesting things i'd read while skimming through this.. this.. whatever it is, was, " both (hip-hop & skateboarding) emphasize earning respect". hmm. yeah. thats about 40% of it. its also about WHO you know. and whats up about giving rappers signature products, who can't and don't skate, over pro or amatuer skaters? what kind of goals, or "respect" should these should kids who wanna be sponsored aim for, if rappers are getting product endorsements? do you think the NFL would give Rick Ross his own line of chalk for the football field? or NBA would licsence the Miami Heat to make Trick Daddy jerseys? and i hope yall don't think these guys are gonna give you a interlude on their album or some sh!t? i'll let you guys in on a little secret- these rappers will wear your clothes ANYWAYS. you think they get free clothes all the time? ok... keep believing that shit if you want. rappers getting boxes every month... jesus, somethings seriously wrong with people. im outta here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I have a kid now, so I get kid stuff in the mail. All the time. I was flipping through the new Pottery Barn Kids catalogue this morning on the crapper and something caught my eye. In one of the spreads of what was a model of the 'ideal' boy's room, there was a scuffed up Toy Machine deck in the corner propped up against the bookshelf. Funny thing about it was, it was beat to shit as if Ed himself just stepped off it. Good stuff. Pottery Barn is down with the homies. Does Toy get paid for that type of product placement or can they get sue happy about misrepresentation of their brand being associated with another company they might not be down with?

11:54 AM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

damn.. people still put their boards up against furniture?

12:03 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

don't forget to mention bishop don majic juan's shoe with emerica, that one might put the icing on the cake...

6:58 PM  
Blogger D said...

that don magic juan shit is rediculous. who on emerica even knew who the fuck he was. half of em are from the fuckin desert

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isn't Don Juan's shoe with Nike?

I swear I've seen dude at 2 or 3 skate events making appearances to hawk a pair of Nike's.

1:29 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

fukk who was dumb enough to give him a shoe.. why is that grown ass man, hanging out at skateboard events is probably a gooder question..

11:11 AM  

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