Wednesday, January 17, 2007

"only 2 kinda people wear shades at night- bilnd people & assholes"

yeah. i've been missing a few days. went to Vegas and witnessed the marriage of Bill and Jennifer Weiss. yeah. Weiss got married. but thats nowhere near as incredible as this. roll the tape boys...

umm... uh.... what the fukk was that?!? back to Weiss' wedding. i rode up on Saturday and don't remember much from that point. well. i remember some stuff.
-we ordered ridiculous amounts of bud light & food at the room in Ceasers, and the bill was.. well. lets not disuss that.
-i went to a skateboard related party, only to realize i would've had more fun hanging out in the room w/a wooden airplane
-i woke up on the bathroom floor 20 minutes before the wedding, and somehow made it down in time
-there was chicken at the reception
-Mama Shelton told me my girl sucked, and informed me i needed to find a new one- right there on the spot
-somehow, within the first 2 days- i got the hiccups 7 times, at 1 hour intervals each time.
-Justin Bokma was there, and he looked like a crossbreed of Russell Crowe and a female Ewok
-and lastly, i grabbed Kenny Hughes Id while he quietly slept, only to not be let in a club. subsequently, Kenny woke up midnight, went to meet everyone at a strip joint, only to realize- he didnt have an ID. then when he returned to the hotel, due to no ID- they wouldn't give him a room key. im glad me & Kennys cool, because i would've seen something like this if not...

damn! he smacked dude so hard, his teeth went back into infancy! seriously though, if you watch it again in slow-mo, you'll see that he got hit with such a brute force, it put his right eyeball next to his left ear. im outta here. once again, congratulations to the Weiss' and whatever you do- don't go to Malibu or Compton. its snowing there. no. im serious though.


Anonymous Al said...

I believe the gentlemen in the first clip are performing an experpt from the forthcoming urban themed off broadway play entitled 'Criddler on the Roof'..... I was unaware that the our national public housing funds are being blown on Greco/Roman terracota tiled roofs. Clearly section 8 housing.

2:35 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

even though the video is ridiculous as i dont know what, i didnt know all gang members lived in section 8 housing.. damn.

3:04 PM  
Anonymous Al said...

Simmer down duke, no reasonable person thinks everyone that is living in public housing or is on public assistance is a gang member. At the same time, that level of poverty, in america, is a prime catalyst that leads young people to what is refered to as 'gang activity'. Even something as heavily romanticized in american popular culture as 'the mafia' was born of poverty and ignorance. At the end of the day, Im Just saddened by the fact that kids who are clearly in a decent financial situation find that kaka-maimy roof top crumping remotely appealing....allbeit entertaining as a motherfucker

2:24 PM  

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