Monday, February 05, 2007

the first 24..

last week i decided im gonna come back to jacksonville. this time around, i planned to stay at the beach w/my friend Jason. Lucky me, Jason's a DJ and his girls a bartender. now look. we're only 6 weeks into the year, but i'll go on record and say- this is couple of the year. so my trip starts when i run into LAX 20 minutes before my flight, once again- w/no ID. actually. no lemme back up. my trip started when i got the message from Dalgart about doing a interview over @ Lat34. for those who arent familiar w/Lat34, let piFF school you on whats good. Lat34 is a AOL-based networking site, & also the home of a new blog ill be doing. jeah! so a 1/4 of piFF, one interview, and a few phone calls later, i get to the airport. there i was, 20 minutes before departure with no ID, and once again- i was escorted to my flight. don't ask me. ask the government. this is where things took a turn, and a drop, for what seemed to be the end of my existence. for some reason, the pilot decided that he could make it to Atlanta in less time than it would take to watch the Super Bowl. the only problem with that decision was at 2hrs & 50 minutes into the flight, we hit either a spaceship, or a asteroid because the plane suddenly dropped in altitude, everyones head simultaneously hit the overhead compartments, and then before anyone could think of how loud they wanted to scream- we took a violent left, and all the lights on board started flashing. the pilot came on the radio and said something, but i was too busy wondering why it was my time to die. 20 minutes later we were on the ground. ha! not dead, again. but the joke would soon be on me, because it was 4:30am, and there wasn't one bar open in the entire airport. and when one did open at 6am, they didn't serve alcohol until 9. add the absence of a power cord for my laptop, and shyt wasn't looking too good for piFF. after dining on sour skittles, and one of Burger Kings healthy breakfast combo, i boarded my flight to J'ville. did i mention i was in the airport for 4hrs? well, i was.
i landed in Jacksonville, around 10:30am. i'd told my friends to meet me at the luggage area, but somehow ended up finding my way to the bar first. after a few shots, and a discussion with a 42yr old woman about what parts of her body were pierced, i was on my way to Jacksonville beach. or is it called Atlantic beach? i should read signs more often. i think its Jacksonville beach though. the club Jason spins, and his girl bartends ats called the Atlantic though. im more than positive of that, because later that same night, i was at the Atlantic and who walks in? none other than Skateboard P himself. i figured now's a better time than ever to get my photo-op, so ladies and gentleman, i present to you, piFF & Pharrell.....
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afukkinmazing. i really wish he'd quit doing that shyt with his hands though. after throwing a few back with Skateboard P, i turn around, and its none other than Jason Kurtzo. good mother of an albino yeti, was this turning into a fukkin day! i immediately direct Kurtzo to the front door, and a waiting cab thats taking us to the localy piFFlery supplier. hey, i only smuggled over a joint or two of that Cali piFF, and i dont know about yall, but i like to get straight like 9:15 minutes after touchdown. but this is where i'd cheat death for a second time in 24hrs. Kurtzo, it would be his first. as we get to our destination, something between the cabbie and Kurtzo was said, and next thing i know theres a wad of dollars being thrown at the cabbies face. uh oh. i go to get out the cab, and the cab driver floors it and starts trying to plow down Kurtzo. were fishtailing in peoples yards, barely missing cars, and whatever else people have in their yard, and then the cab driver takes off up the road a few blocks. the dude looks back at me and says, "get the fukk out.. and tell your friend imma kill his ass...". i look at dude, and go,"man, i aint even got a fukkin ID, and you out here trying to kill people with me in the car?!! i aint trying to be fukked up with yall anyways man... open this muthafukkin door!" i made my way back to the club, had a drink and went to Krystals. the next day, i woke up with half a Krystal burger on my chest.. this was my first day in town. if that was any indication of how life here is, i don't think i ever wanna leave..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn man, it's always sumthin! I think it's Florida, not just J-ville.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

too bad you didn't get a flik w/ the clipse, they probably could've laced you up with something right there and you wouldn't of had to leave the club...

4:35 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

just got back from tampa and that shit seemed slightly tilted to the wack axis. went to that coaches steak place... shulas! it was damn good. then the patriots lost to the colts. funk dat. threw up the next morning due to some pom drink that amplified my hangover double time.

this is your blog, my bad.

5:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

piff, act like you know:

11:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

miss u clyde
michelle :)(: come back to LA

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do I meet this Kurtzo guy

6:31 PM  

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