Thursday, December 14, 2006

that extrah scr'enff piFF!

a few years back, Neiratko told me he's interviewed Juvenile, Trick Daddy, and some other southern rapper who's huge now, and instead of the usual Q&A, he played all these dudes in Scrabble. while that sits as one of the ten piFFest & possibly funniest moments in journalism, ladies & gentlemen- we have a new entry. enjoy...

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im completely speechless. seriously. i could just exit the blog right now, but naw. todays a celebration. it's Dave Carnie's birthday, and it's my last night living in this apt. i guess no more of this...

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oh well. so for my encore, i present.. that extrah-scr'enff piFF. roll the tape.

well im outta here! catch me on the gulf coast. jeah!


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