Thursday, November 02, 2006

kenny BLoggins..

before i get started, lemme let you in on this important political ad... roll the tape...

uhh... uhhh.. what the fuukk was that?!?! and how did i find that, is the next goodest question? and yes folks- that is real, and if you don't believe me, heres his web address what more can i say, but god bless the bible belt. what a fuckwad.

now that all the slutty cops, nurses, and half-dead hoes, have gone back to their regular half-dead slutty selves, i figured nows a better time than ever to let everyone know, Minority Report will be done in 2 weeks. thats right. and when im done with that, iim gonna start the year off by completly ethering two people, just for bringing my fukkin name up.. and when i do what i do, dont nobody be on some, "that was wrong.." shit. story goes- Thrasher asked me to go on KOTR tour, i decided i didnt wanna be a "mystery black skater"(what the fukk is a "MYSTERY BLACK SKATER".. ?!?!), then outta nowhere Shiloh decides he wants to bring my name up.. wow. this old, Gregory Hines lookin ass n!gga talkin about HE got insulted being "grouped" w/me?!?! bwaaaahahahahahhahahaaa!!! i would be too. i mean, theres a HUGE difference between both you and I. HUGE. my fanbase exist. yours- dont. my careers relevant, yours- not/hasnt been since last century sometime. you- gotta get drunk to actually start believing youre relevant/legend status/halfway rememberable since the year 1994. me( while looking at you)- "damn homie.. in high school u was the man homie, WHAT THE FUKK HAPPENED TO YOU?!!?" and yall thought it was bad enough i called him Gregory Hines.. bwaaaahahahahhahahaha! and the magazine on the other hand.. im actually gonna be somewhat "fair", and find out WHO wrote the shit first, because im the type of dude to pull one person out the crowd, then expose his faggotry. in this case, id say it was Mike Burnett. Mike still must be mad about that time 2yrs ago when i simply just didnt wanna skate with him. nothing more. nothing less. i didnt HAVE to, so why would i WANT to? top that with not going on their lil tour, and you have a woman scorned. in Shilohs case, we just got a 2006, true to life Stan. actually, these two have taken their Stannery to a whole nother level. lord forgive me for what i gotta do to Stanley.. please.

so what else? oh, so i was watching good Day LA last friday, and right before Barak Obama was to go off the air, the Steve whoevermahjibblets-seated in-the-middle, called him "Yosama, YoMamma.. or whatever your name is..". Now how and why id make this up- i dont know. why or how no ones heard or seen this- is well beyond me. anyways, im voting for this dude in 2008, and so should you. i also plan to have a photo ID by the year 2007.. true story. really quick- how the fukk have i not had an ID for 6 months and been cool? im out.. i got a video to finish. and go get Doctors Advocate. if you dont got it, hit my email, and maybe ill give u the link. maybe... jeah!


Blogger Arthur Cash said...

Yo clyde,
I am confused, what did shiloh say about you?
I never heard about that comment from good day LA, which is weird because my news game is ridiculous.
Got the game record, I like some tracks, some beats are bangers and he has gotten alot better (kinda sounds alot like dre?) but what is the deal with him and aftermath/dre??. The album is called "Doctor's Advocate" but the doctor isn't on this album?
I don't know if you have listed this before but who should we expect to throw down in Minority Report??

8:09 AM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...


shiloh, for some reason or another, when Thrasher asked him to be on the KOTR tour also, said (regarding myself)"blah, blah, im a drunk, irrelevant 'legend'.. i dont appreciate Clyde being put in the same category/level as myself" which to me means- he thinks hes somewhat "better" than me.. at what? i dont know.. dudes a a drunk, washed up clown dog. any grown man that gets drunk and starts thinking/talking about another grown man, who he "useta" skate with, and how much he's a "legend",- has some serious issues. straight faggotry at its apex..

as for Doctors Advocate, its called "Doctors Advocate". the names pretty self explanatory, especially if you listen to both the production and lyrics. i think the dude is the first artist to make a bangin sophmore album in awhile, so ill give him his dues..

lastly- the Minority Reports almost done. pemiere in 2 weeks, and itll be in stores Dec.10th.. be easy mayn. jeah!

9:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck that vernon robinson i would love to run into him on the street...might i add run into him with my car... what a premium Plus!!

4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha... no one is safe when it come to The Piff.

8:33 PM  
Blogger elastic back said...

i am sooo psyched that you called shiloh out. i just finished reading that issue and was thinking, "is this serious?!?!"

there is a reason that he didn't get put on almost...he is generic brand haslam.

5:36 PM  
Anonymous ThuggedOutBitch said...

Doctor's Advocate can't hold a candle to The Documentary. I miss Timbo, and Storch and fuckin wack-ass Swizz beatz shit just doesn't cut it. Did you check out AZ's new shit? Hot stuff. Back to that old school NY state of mind vibe. And I'd consider that a sophomore album...

Keep it moving..

2:01 AM  
Anonymous Yaw yaw yawwww yaw yaw said...

Piff > Old Shiloh > New Shiloh

3:00 PM  
Anonymous nowax said...

shiloh was shiva's son and they begot shawn my inbred pit that bob lost...

Yeah shiloh was named after Shiloh in 1994... but he died.

9:42 AM  
Anonymous trixie said...

when i don't eat beef...i eat chicken...Clyde Singleton aka Piff Huxtable is the shit...always will be...why...because he lets not cry...dry your eyes...bring mags actually exist? wow...

11:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Uh, what the fuck? Clyde, how are you in any way more relevant that Shiloh these days? If it weren't for your writing you would be long forgotten. Are you still sponsored?

2:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah clyde, your transworld part was ill.....oh wait, my bad.


6:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Found floating around cyberspace:


Clyde isn't doing jack shit these days but talking and writing. Oh making a video of other people, I forgot.
Shiloh is at least skating (and ripping by the way) and doing shit that's relevant to being a pro skater.
I.E. putting out footage and getting photos and shit.

Is Clyde even pro anymore or sponsored for that matter?
Clyde hasn't been dope since Trilogy and that's like ten years ago, Jesus Christ!
Also, how the fuck did Clyde not include himself in that article he wrote about skaters that have less than 10 tricks?
Has anyone seen him do more than 10 tricks?
He's been doing the same shit since the fucking Acme video.

And calling Shiloh old? What is Clyde, at the very least thirty if not older, I'm sure he and Shiloh are probably the same age or near it anyway.
I used to think Clyde was amusing and somewhat entertaining to read but that was pretty lame of him.
Don't even get me started on the actual act of skateboarding, Shiloh always has (by FAR) and still to this day would tear Clyde a new asshole in every possible way shape and form.

Clyde needs to wake the fuck up and get up off of his own dick.

5:50 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha, when you dis shiloh you dis yourself, son. since when do you get props for running your mouth in the skate game? you're a no name, never been fakeass suburban gangsta. not to mention you write in a fake zine, you clown.

legends never die, they make comebacks.

you just talk and write, terribly at that.

9:49 PM  

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