Monday, November 13, 2006

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this blog is brought to you by my new favorite song(and commercial).. roll the tape boys

im sorry, but that songs straight propane-piFF. and if you dont kno- the videos DONE. its a wrap. Minority Report in finer stores, December 13th. im in such a good mood- fukk it. imma leak the ad too.

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and ive replaced Nyjah Huston & his dad, with a more reliable guy and that guys Shruiken Shannon. the dudes a beast, and futhermore, i didnt have to contact his dad 30 times just to get a few tricks. sorry Nyjah, Nyjahs dad, and congratulations to Shruiken and the rest of the cast of whats to be the piFFest video since 20shot sequence. true story.

and in reference to that bummy ass, ole Lando Carissian lookin, with a Splinter mustache having nikkuh who had the nerve to say my name.. im gonna say this once and leave it here- why cant somebody important or relevant diss me? why is it always some bummy ass dude who grabs backside off a railslide, or does 5-trick raildslide combo on ledges? why is that? why is it, its always some dude who's never skated anything above 2ft tall? these dudes kill me man. im outta here. gotta finish up some finer things on the vid, and this week there'll be viewing sessions. where? email me, and i might tell you.

p.s. im having a premiere in my hometown Jacksonville, florida over the xmas holidays, and i guess i just ruined a suprise huh? oh wel...... jeah!


Anonymous huphtur said...

image doesn't work?

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you gettin back on zoo
cuz i see their supportin the video and when you were on they werent supportin you at all

2:19 PM  
Anonymous Tony Hawk said...

When and where are the Jacksoniville premieres at?

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

just because shiloh ran his mouth and said stupid shit about you doesn't mean the dude can't skate. his part in the bueno promo was good to say the least. not saying he doesn't deserve to have his "faggotry" exposed or whatever.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Exactly how many legendary or even really memorable video parts has Clyde put out?
Surely not the Acme part.
We'll let him slide on that one, he was decent in that actually.

101 stuff was good, Trilogy especially.

Aesthetics Ryde Or Die he had a couple tricks that were good but not exactly a great part.

Ellis Island promo was a nice surprise, he actually looked like he did some good shit that wasn't the same ol' same ol' like the ever present fakie frontside board or fakie back tail or straight heelflip that he's been milking since 1993.

Shiloh on the other hand, now he has always killed video parts and been memorable since his debut in Love Child, among other things his switch frontside 360 heelflip spoke volumes to me anyway.

New World Order, this shit 13 years ago speaks for itself. Shiloh was on one of the top companies at the time Clyde was making his debut for Acme, and comparing those two companies and those two parts is not even close to fair. It's a joke, actually.

Trilogy, come on. They're in the same video for chrissakes and it's again not even close, I repeat NOT EVEN close as to who was putting out the more quality shit ten years ago.
Not even prison and being off board for a really long time could stop Shiloh.

I won't even get into Shiloh's DECA parts, because they were retarded and super tech and just ridiculous, Clyde could never dream of being that good except for maybe with a fucking joystick in his hands.
What the fuck was Clyde doing when Shiloh was on DECA? Do you remember, because I don't.
Oh wait, there was 23 Skateboards or some shit I think, Sal's thing with him and Dill but that never went anywhere really.

As for modern day, please.
Shiloh's TWS video part was phenomenal, most people would say at the very least quite impressive for an older guy.

His Bueno stuff so far has been nice and it's safe to assume that his stuff in the full length video will be good shit also.

Oh, and speaking of older guys, how the fuck can Clyde even begin to call Shiloh old when he's at least 2, 3 , or like maybe even 4 years older than he is?
(According to Thrasher KOTR article out right now Shiloh is 30, Clyde is 34 but who the fuck can be certain with Thrasher?)

I just find it beyond amusing and ridiculous that Clyde continues to speak ill of Shiloh when it's painfully obvious who's done more (by a loooooong shot) and continues to do more (again, by miles) in terms of actual skateboarding and not just talking shit and trying oh so hard to be down and milk the spotlight off of one's name and remain relevant in the industry by being a so-so comedian and not actually backing any of it up with SKATEBOARDING.

12:59 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...


hold on.. Shilohs "relevant"? obviously, you ARE either shiloh, or one truly pitiful fan with no background or knowledge of myself, shiloh ,or skateboarding in general.
first off- my Acme part was "ok".. hmm. weird you remembered a "ok" part, yet, one trick from your heros pathetic career of almost 20 years ago, he seems to still be "milking" if im correct. remember, this dudes been so far off the radar for so long, i forgot dude existed until HE said my name(obviously to get attention that he feels hes so "rightfully" deserved). pathetic. both of you(if its two of you)
where was i at when shiloh was on Deca.. bwaaaahahahah.. i dont know- maybe feeding my mom & family & not my liquor habit & hate, being featured in tony hawks pro skater, numerous skateboard and music videos & magazines, touring, hanging w/FRIENDS & FANS(something your hero dont have..), starting skateboard companies, giving people jobs... should i keep going? again.. where was shiloh. oh yeah- drunk, talinkg shit, losing whatever "friends" he has/had, & STILL skating ANOTHER ledge or a bench. like he STILL does to this day. pathetic..
shiloh has "memorable skateboard parts" ,and "he skated better than me in Trilogy after getting out of prison..".. jesus man. stop it. and the Deca video? you own he Deca video?! you ethered yourself w/that comment period.
really quick- name a trick he did in that part. actually, does anyone even remember that guy was on the team?!?! and didnt your hero get kicked off Deca? and arent the other guys living productive, resourceful lives, while youe heros at home drunk, writng "anonymous" e-motional comments, and making phone calls worrying about who hes "better" than on a skateboard tour? as i said, either your a complete fukkin clown, shiloh himself, or in this case- both.

for me to pay you anymore attention than i already am, (& your heros lil sw270board-which, if your dumb ass followed skating, youd known it was ALREADY done) is simply uncivilized. you niggas love me. you, shiloh, and all 1 of his fans(himself, or in this case- you). trust me.
you on my blog, you know my sponsors, you analyzed my old video parts, teams(which you look pathetic on as well)you checkin for your faggot ass hero gettin mashed on... and lastly- you think i cant/dont skte. yall niccuhs looove me so much- its actually PATHETIC.

lastly- if your heros company Buenos so "dope", why dont you& your hero Shiloh go grab that 1,000something stack of free promo videos they couldnt GIVE away @ theSkateboardmag. i dont think they have to "give" away my "comedic articles..". as i said- you, your hero, and your rantings- pathetic. fareal.. i can(and gonna if i want to..) make this faggot more famous than anything in his wildest dreams. now go back to your.. i mean, shilohs blog and co-sign the faggotry you bestowed upon piFFs blog.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


2:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my god Clyde are you serious?
Some people think you are better/more relevant than Shiloh.
Some people think Shiloh is better/more relevant than you.
Is it so hard for you to swallow that shit? That not every single person that skates thinks the same?
That post raised some excellent points and all you did was flip the fuck out and get all defensive.
First of all, I WROTE that shit. Shiloh didn't, are you fucking kidding? And it's all just one person's opinion. You state your opinions all the fucking time, nobody says shit. I'm not even a fan of his all that much but it seriously cracked me up (and lots of people) that you got super weirded out and wild when he said your name. Now I don't exactly know in what context it was said or why, and you may have a valid reason for snapping and getting bent, and that's between the two of you. However, it is amusing to say the least how you are going about it.
First of all, your Acme part. Yeah I remember it. Been skating a long time, seen a lot of videos. So what? I never said I remembered anything specific because it was merely OK. Nothing really jumped out. Do you even remember what you did in that? Whatever, I only mentioned his switch frontside
360 heelflip in Love Child (never said anything about the switch 270 board, you did) because that shit was bonkers and you know it stood out at the time.
It's fine and cool that you were doing what you were doing while Shiloh was on Deca. I don't think anyone would question your personal life or what you've done with it during that time aside from skateboarding, sounds like you were doing a lot outside of making video parts and getting coverage.
I don't own the goddamn Deca video actually, but I do remember seeing it in a shop and being blown away by Daewon and everyone else including Shiloh because they put together a good video.
You were nice in 20 Shot, Clyde.
You were pretty good in Trilogy, but you know as well as anyone that shit was over 10 years ago. Lately? Lately I don't think anybody has said anything about you can't/don't skate.
Everybody's seen the Ellis Island promo. They know you can do shit. When you want to.
If you're so adamant about it, why don't you quit all this writing and comedy shit and get back on a major company, get a board out and put some shit together? Make a video part yourself. Get some coverage that's strictly skateboarding without the piff commentary and witty negroisms. Can you? That would be super sick if you did.
Now as far as Shiloh being a drunkard? Wow, that's a real revelation. A pro skater that drinks too much/smokes tons of weed/sniffs mountains of yay/bangs heron/whatever. Who gives a shit? How many pros are complete piles and shitbags as human beings? A great deal of them, yet they can still skate pretty fucking good. Can I ask you a genuine question?What did you honestly think of Shiloh's Transworld video part? Honestly? Make pretend you guys don't have beef or whatever, and tell us what you as a skateboarding person thought of that shit.
Nobody ever said Bueno was a dope company, either, but simply that the guy is continuing to put out quality shit since that TWS part, you can't front. Well, you can, but it don't make that much sense when you look at dude's skating objectively and without bias. Never mind what he said or your view of his personal character, the guy fucking rips, period. I'm sure you can at least see that regardless of your little beef or whatever.
Also, you may want to try to get over yourself, at least a little bit. You're a funny guy Clyde, but it seems like you seriously have an overly inflated opinion of yourself, and talk about super defensive when anyone dares to state an opinion in difference to your own.
I'm sure you'll continue to "ether" me further and puff your chest out some more and reassure everyone that you're so much more relevant than Shiloh is. Feel free homie, it's your world apparently and everyone else is just squirrels trying to get a nut, right?

2:18 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

you a)have to much time on your hands, and b)are STILL on my dick..

so i havent been "getting coverage..". hmm? because in order to feed my mother, family, & friends- im sure i had to be getting some kinda coverage. or was the money free, because im "comedic"... are you sure about what your even saying? we can go dig up all the magazines from '96-'07 if youd like, and ill be glad to show you the big ass stack of continuous coverage. trust me- the shits big dog. and its ALL skateboarding. actually, i was getting double the exposure due to writing, so lemme double up the bet.. plus i still get more skateboard coverage in Clydes Corner than your hero does from all 2 of his sponsors in EVERY magazine, media outlet possible. and did you even see the interview in theSkateboardmags East Coast issue? probly not, because the backlip on the brick pocket was betterr than ANYTHING you or your heros done since the turn of the century. and i did that on a broke foot. as for your hero- he was in jail for tagging and stealing from department stores back in the '90s and havent had much to remember since then. plus- if im not mistaken, after Sal put some BETTER guys on Elwood, the companty took off. When we started Aesthetics, WHY wasnt he involved? he was already tied into Elwood? When we all left for Zoo, why didnt youre "legendary" hero keep sales up over at Elwood? he had that "sick ass transworld part" right? pa-fukkin-thetic.

then you talk video parts.. before i get into this- have you seen the Toyota commercial where your gero bails a fukkin frontside grab on a 1/4? w/full pad at that? wow. now hmm- lets see. video parts. for instance, Acme- switchvarialflip Beryl, inward heel double set, gaps, lines.. your hero. benches and the World park(and i think we can both agree, he wasnt a standout amongst his teammates. he was actually the weaker link to be totally honest. cant say that here). and i wont even get on his Transworld part. the dude was doing 360grabs off a fukkin 2ft bump, and your saying thats "dope". thats "relevant" in todays skateboarding market? once again, are you sure what your even saying?!

oh yeah- i was born in 1974, so one of us cant count. probly you. and futhermore, "why dont i get another sponsor, blah, blah, blah.."... u stupid mutt, IM DONE SKATEBOARDING PROFESSIONALLY. AT MY OWN CHOICE. i dont feel the need to further myself to "legitamize" my career. im done. does that hurt you and your heros feeling? should i go ride for Dekline, and Bueno so i can still be pro? oh, nevermind- i STILL got GOOD offers coming left & right, plus i plan to own my OWN company, so why the fukk would i do something that stupid?! your hero- forever will be an employee. real talk.

listen you Stantastic piece of work.. i have no idea why your on another grown mans blog, defending another grown man(you probly dont know, and if you do- you double lost) ive NEVER had a problem w/Shiloh, simply because hes so far off my radar. im over here skating, making videos, giving people jobs, and doing me, and HE decided to put MY name in his mouth. when i struck back- youre the one that seemed to get butthurt. you KNOW this dude is NOT a better skateboarder or a person than i am. if it were so true to you, you wouldnt have to cry like a bitch about it. as i said, you KNOW shiloh cant fukk w/me on or off a skateboard, and thats the simple truth. it has nothing to do w/egos, age, or what you think of my video parts. your confusing pride w/ego. when you do something you can be proud of, maybe you'll understand. theres no pride in sticking up for a grown man who relentessly talks shit about EEVRYONE. what Shiloh did was completly tasteless, and it shouldnt go, without nothing being said about it. this aint rap dog. this dudes obviously trying to get some shine off mine(as you are on my blog) and i simply dont play that shit. this aint "clydes world", and never have i claimed it to be. people seem to like what i do- fine. you and shiloh seem not to- cool. but its gonna take alot more to convince me and the rest of the world that what your saying is actual TRUTH. leave your feelings and tampons at the door, cause you still havent done nothing but waste comment space. if you notice, NO ONE is co-signing you. NO ONE. i get paid to tell my truth, you get e-motional and sit home broke watching lame pros and sticking up for them. thats the TRUTH. just as Shiloh started that dumb shit, imma end it. publicly too. whatever he had to say, im right up the street from his bummy ass. tell him to come through and holla that shit, if need be. dont go in no magazines talking reckless then expect nothing to happen. thats a bitch move, so imma treat the situation as it were given to me, then get back on my regular routine... now go learn a trick or something, and quit idolizing lames like Shiloh who cant keep their mouth shut, or control their alcohol(which by the way- if youre a "professional" anything, your lifestyle DOES matter. youre a public image knumbnutts. so i guess its okay to walk into a demo wasted since you do it at home all the time.. youre a serious retard). and next time, leave your name, cause nothings worse than throwing rocks from a field, and ducking in the bushes "anonymously". this is the last time i writing your pathetic, e-motional ass.

4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ITS KILLA SEASON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CLYDES FUCKIN YOURS AND SHILOWS MOODS UP

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whoa, doggy.
First of all, I'm glad that you won't be responding to this because this will also be my last offering of wasting valuable comment space on your precious blog.
It's also somewhat awesome to see that you have just as much time on your hands as you seem to think I do, because your response to my last post was but a mere two hours after it was written. Good job!
I have no idea why you seem to think Shiloh is my hero or something, I only happen to think he's a better skateboarder than you were/are/will be. If that's a fucking crime, then go slap the cuffs on me. Whatever.
I truly am sorry that there are some people out there in the world that foolishly believe that in terms of modern skateboard relevance his Skateboarding Is Dead part, his Transworld part, and his stuff in the Bueno promo were better than your four tricks in the Ellis Island promo and your Red Bull hosting thingamajig. How dare anyone think that! What a bunch of fuckheads!
All I really am is a guy that skateboards who was directed via a link to your blog to see what all the hub bub and rah rah was regarding the huge offense you took to Shiloh speaking your name, and decided to add my 2 cents on the topic.
And for a guy that is supposedly so far off of your radar, you sure seem to know a whole lot about him and his life. We all know that he was in jail for tagging and boosting shit. So what? Not that it makes it any better, but lots of pros have done time for worse. Also, why would you even begin to give a rat's ass about somebody leaving comments anonymously on your blog? Do you really want to know my name that bad? OK. It's Mike. It's Billy. It's Jennifer. What the fuck does it even matter, seriously? Do you want my email address and phone number too? Was I supposed to take the time and register or something before I typed? Sorry, dude, I actually thought this whole stupid thing was about you and Shiloh, not me. My bad!
Anyway, you may find this hard to believe, but I'm actually stoked for you if you decided to quit skateboarding professionally by your own choice. Smart move. Was that before or after Zoo decided to drop you and half of the team?
Or did you guys all quit at once? Please enlighen us. I was kind of hoping that it was the latter, because that version of Zoo, regardless of all of the really good skaters that they had and do still have, is a fucking joke and you and anyone with half a brain knows it. By the way, how rad was it to be teammates with Ashton?
Never mind. Furthermore, if you're really planning on owning your own company, I commend you. That's pretty dope actually, not too many people can do that and succeed at it, and I wish you luck with that endeavor. Now this is just a guess, and this may just be me talking here, but I'm thinking you must have some serious financial backing because I can't see how you'd go about pulling that one off without help while you're tooling around town on a bicycle and sleeping on somebody else's couch, but then again what do I really know? If you actually do manage to swing that shit though, then you really are Mr. Hustlemania and I'm going to have to take my hat off to you. Seriously. Again, that's not really any of my business, and I'm sure you think that I'm being sarcastic, but I hope you really do make that shit work. Really.
Damn, dude. Have you seriously been getting that worked up about this bullshit?
I mean, hey, this is your blog and that's totally your perogative, but this whole shit is pretty fucking dumb, and I think most people could see that, regardless if anybody bothers to "co-sign" me or whatever.
I just can't believe you've let one person's meaningless Internet opinion get you so riled up. It wouldn't kill you to lighten up, man. For reals.
But then I'm sure you'll have a super detailed, venomous comeback "ethering" for me, (even though you said that you weren't gonna write anymore) and I'll be more than glad to read it and laugh, but that's it for me. Done.
Enough already!
You're the man!
You are.

P.S. Can't wait to catch Minority Report. You got any footage in that? Should be epic...

3:51 AM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

okay.. you win oh great knowldgeable one. im just gonna quit skating. no- quit life. i mean- you dont like my video parts, you find my blogs to be stupid, shilohs better than me & everyone knows(looks at the comments for all the co-signage.. uhh?)at first i was 35 now im ?, zoo and all my sponsors have sucked, i dont have money, uh...what else? i got "riled up" over your e-motional Stannerisms, i dont have footage in my own video, uhh.. man. yeah. ive been living a lie, and everything ive said & done is untruth. im gonna just quit living after this message, because finally youve let me know the in-depth truth of myself & life in general. i will now go hide in the hole of shame, and you can forever bask in the glory of pure truth and ether you've bestowed upon me. *walks away holding chest in pain*"this is gon' be a big one Rah'lo.."- fred sanford. jesus. stans

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clyde has no business publicly running his mouth about Shiloh. How can he say anything about Shiloh's skating when he himself skates like shit, and always has. It is Shiloh that's actually going out and skating... our common ground is skating right? while Clyde has to put on a clown suit in
order to stick around. I never hear Bill Weiss calling out Danny Way. so what did Clyde ever do
to think he could judge another skater that's 10 times better than him? Absolutely nothing but talk-talk-talk. Look in the mirror next time you decide to open your mouth about a great skater.

10:23 PM  

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