Sunday, October 01, 2006

a d.u.i in a wheelchair

so, this guy Peter Ford recently unvieled that Neil Armstrong actually said, "its one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.." when landing on the moon. he found this out after downloading the audio off a NASA website, and then analyzed it with a computer program that disabled people use to communicate through computers using nerve impulses. the irony is- Mr. Ford isnt disabled. smh.. couldnt Stephen Hawkins of figured this out say... last century? and isnt theres more important shit to be known? like, how in the beginning of Makaveli's "7 day theory" when 2pac says, "Suge shot me...", how can no one decipher that he says "Suge shot me..." .

and speaking of disabled people, is it possible to get a DUI in a wheelchair? hey, somebody had to ask...

it could be worse. you could be my roomate on the way back from Dallas where he called from this afternoon to inform me that he'd just woken up at some girls house, looked out her bedroom window, and there was a fukkin horse staring at him. a fukkin HORSE! not a squirrel. not a sparrow, but a fukkin horse. im like," gaaaaaawwwwwwdaaaaaam! where'd this n!gga wake up at.. Bonanza?!" when id last spoke to him, he was riding countryside along the same road Jay Z & Jermaine Dupri filmed the "money aint a thang" video. true story. i even heard Jay galloping on a Clydesdale in the background..

new fat joe/lil wayne...? roll the tape!

and is it me, or does Scott Storch look like a white Kermit the Frog? in all fairness- Chamillionaire looks like a black Kermit.

thanks to the folks at for posting my new Minority Report trailer on their site, and thanks to for the putting everybody on to the clydes Corner, Minorty Report and Piffs blog. yall should go check out their sites as well. and for all of you that can only spell myspace, i left the links on the right... i also left a link for Speak&Spell.

is Metalopacyse anywhere in the range of the word "humorous"? im serious.. wheres the funny parts, because i swear i keep missing em. and why do all cartoons got that 4/5 man crew. hold on- is 4/5 a clan, a posse, a crew or a click? a squad? what the... anyways. like i was saying- the shit ain't funny. Metal lost.... the sound it makes when i scratch my nuts>Metal

im out. i got deadlines, bills to pay, and wamp-wamp. yeah. thats right, wamp-wamp. i have no idea what the hell it means, but it fitted'did. fukk it,, here ya go..

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dont let that Easter outfit fool you. this albums honestly pretty redonkulous, so id suggest grabbing it up before the link dies. is almost done, as well as Minority Report, so in the words of the great KRS-ONE, "ill be back, but for now just settle..." jeah!


Blogger Sacs d'Argents said...

Scott Storch does look like kermit the frog and his shades are way too big, I saw the access granted for this video and Diddy was ridiculously good at throwing money. Off topic, Dj Khaleds voice is super annoying in that other song he has all the miami dudes. Squizzy!

6:45 AM  
Blogger CW said...

for A man? wtf. "A man". .... that's like hearing there's no easter bunny

10:12 AM  

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