Friday, October 06, 2006

the leak!!!!

ladies and gentlemen, i present you scum with the piff of the week- the cover to Minority Report...

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thats all for right now. my mind aint too right these days beings i slammed so hard skating the BP miniramp the other day, when i peeled myself off the road(yeah..the ROAD, next to the ramp..), i thought i was the only black skateboarder in Smallville. true story. ill be back after i get a catscan, and some chicken. leave a comment, or email me @


Blogger Arthur Cash said...

Looks good, stoked to see the video too, The promo looks solid.
Concussions are scary man but if you can get on the computer and post this up a couple days after the slam, that's a good thing. Slam Broads not brains! squizzy!

8:56 AM  
Blogger jaysun said...


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