Thursday, October 12, 2006

strangers w/candy pt.1

before i get started, id like to welcome Mama Shelton to Piffs. now, onto my daily ethering...wanna know why i dont endorse any rappers, rockstars, or any of their skate-related products .. roll the tape

first off, who the fukks the jig @ the table? "how do you feel about there seems to be alot of black kids skating nowadays..." what the fukk is this guy talking about "nowadays"? ..smh. black pople just stay losing saying dumb shit like this.. shall i continue. then we got Jim Jones, whom i for god for saken reason believes "talented", has the audacity to actually explain WHAT he's talkin(skateboarding) about while having no fukkin idea WHAT he's talking about(skateboarding) "...uh, uh.. Dipset has one of the biggest skaters.. uh, skateteams in Brooklyn..., as a matter uh fac', Brooklyn has the biggest indoor skating rinks in Brooklyn. i dont know the exac' address and all but you can look it up on the Dipset website.. i grew up in the Bronx in a Italian neighborhood and all, so bmx riding and skateboarding went hand in hand... " a smal breakdown-

first off, what skateteam in Brooklyn could he possibly be referring too? hopefully not these guys....

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because those guys(DGK) are in Carlsbad. i dont think that's near BK Yimmy....

secondly, what "skatepark" is he talking about? not this one...

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beacuse thats a mini ramp Yimmy.. and its at a skateshop(a really good one @ that.. check em out-

lastly- did he group skateboarders & bikers together? thats pretty amazing considering, one- you use hands, the other- you don't. now as much as i really wanna diss the dude, i hardly can blame the poor guy for at least trying. i mean, look at who else has stuck their big dollars up in skateboarding right along with this guy, yet have NO fukkin idea or clue they're talking about when posed with any logic about the shit whatsoever. now what if a skateboarder, not this guy...

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*ironically i looked up pharrell williams, pharell williams skateboarding, and skateboard p on Google and this is best i could come up with out of all the faggitry that bestowed my screen..

as i was saying, now what if i REAL skateboarder were to try his hand at rapping, and when posed with questions regarding hip-hop was like, "uh... yeah, we got one of the biggest rappers, uh rap crews on our team.. as uh matter uh fac', LA's got one of the biggest parks to rap in.... u can look it up on our website." my point exactly. this is precisely why i dont respect, nor endorse the sudden boom of rapper/skateboard products at ANY level. you see, sadly but truly, this is a simple case of what & how these guys think about skateboarding. they don't give a fukk about it really! these guys and they're money are nothing short of strangers w/candy... and in some cases, not only do they have the gall to "speak" on it, but in the rarest of raretivity cases, use the name and don't participate in it anyway whatsoever(but for holding a board squatting in the middle of a ad..smh). but what if skateboarders started reaching in THEIR pockets? whats the chances of actually being able to come off with half the shit these guys do, and pulling it off without somebody saying something? id say about the same chances of me getting head at a KKK rally for dykes... on that note, im outta here. unlike these clowns....

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i physically use my Vans to go skateboarding in. tricks and all. but hey, who knows? i could be wrong. maybe these guys* will all stop by the BP ramp on their way to whatever the hell it is "they be doo'sing." when they ain't rappin, and just skate too. no cameras. no cells. no papparazzi, or dumb interviewers to lie to about what tricks you can/"use-ta" be able to do, or what you know about skating. maybe they'll prove me wrong, pull up, and just skate. oh yeah. they're musicians, i forgot. until next time people... jeah!

(*and for those of you wondering why i didnt mention Lupe is because unlike these clowns- i literally ran into dude skating up the street. if you've seen ANY of these dudes physically pushing a skateboard up the road by himself, I still wouldnt believe you anyways..)


Blogger said...

mi herma, ese post está buenisimo. un cague de risa. nunca escuché lupe, pero el arte del disco me llamó la atención. en fin, siga matizao y fresco.

costa rica

my brother, that post was delicious. makes you laugh out loud. never heard lupe, but the artwork on the cd slip caught my eye. anyway, keep it flowin and fresh.

9:05 PM  
Blogger D said...

shit was real

6:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man i got footy of young L and young stunna skatin i used to skate with these guys all the time.

11:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey mayne u got footge foreal i been looking

2:55 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Kr0wbar said...

xD Well, that was interesting... I suppose. One thing I want to bring up about this post is "did he group skateboarders & bikers together? thats pretty amazing considering, one- you use hands, the other- you don't." Sadly enough, not true at all. One thing to disprove that statement is Street skating. Fingerflips, some stalls, and hard turns all include your hands. Also, vert. Grabs in general. >_>

Other than that, nice point you made there. I have never seen TK or Pharell actually skating. o_O Oddly enough, both of said Black - American (because not all blacks come from Africa) skaters suck at life. :D

But yea. Nice job. You get a gol' star.

1:30 PM  

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