Tuesday, October 24, 2006

since when is coffee, "breakfast"?

so i hear my man terry kennedy's gonna be on BET's "BEEf: the series" this week, discussing his "beef" with Lupe Fiasco. okay. before i/we see this, i got a few important questions that i know WON'T be asked, so lemme get 'em out:

-have you ever heard the term "Bamnesia", and do you think your boss displays symptoms?
-what makes Pharrell more of a skater than Lupe? the fact that he calls himself "skateboard P", or is it because he pays you?
-didn't skateboard P" actually do songs & production on Lupe's album? and is that the reason you halted the "beef", or because it was headed into irrelevant, obscurity anyways?
-how do you have a "beef" with another skateboarder, especially when said skateboarders a Muslim?
-why do you think people "beef" in the public eye? doesnt that seem a bit "WWF'ish"?
-how do you find time to rap, "beef", and uphold a professional skateboard career.. that seem to be alot of hats to wear?

should i keep going? exactly... i can't figure out how & why people do shit like this. honestly. can you imagine if you saw Bam on MTV talking about a "beef" he had w/Good Charlotte. hmm. lets see- they all wear makeup, both wear all black, and if i forgot to mention- they all wear makeup. so as i was saying, could you imagine these two "beefing"? on tv too?!?! WHY would they is probably a gooder question? i can tell you why they wouldn't- its called better "marketing". their marketing packages consisted of the following- make-up, a platinum tatoo gun w/a relentess supply of ink and the voice of a pirate! can't say i'm sure what ole "skateboard P"s camp has up its sleeve, but last time i checked, skateboarders dont need to be "marketed". Markets are where you get corn, bologna, and... well. i guess i stand corrected- beef! in this case, the markets stocked w/corned beef. Beef, this Wednesday on BET. right after some other minstrel.

i was emceeing the GvR contest this weekend, and everything was going what seemed to be straight, until i said "the winner of the contest gets to give felacio to winner of the Roller Derby girls...". now, i'm in the middle of taking a photo and the guy running the contest came up screaming," if you say that again, they will shut the whole fukkin thing down.. you hear me?!". i don't think he realized he looked like Rowdy Roddy Piper. Anyhow, without missing a dime, i tried to hand the dude his mic back, but he walked away leaving me & the other 500 people there wondering WHAT exactly the problem was.. lets see

-first off, the chances of anyone knowing WHAT that word means is probably nill. by the look on everyones face when i said it, i think they thought i said "Felicity" anyways..
-uhh, i dont know if anyone was paying attention, but there were about 10 scantily clad, 40something year old ladies, rolling around on the ground with their skirts hiked up past their half-covered tittaes.. hmm. no christian activities going on there
-if you reread the above paragraph, you'll notice he was cussing at me.. and the mic was still on, so..

after that, i barley touched the mic again. i did finish my job, but i barely touched it again. maybe next time I'll pass it off to a scantily clad roller-derbying marsupiate, who's one lap away from menopause. in related news, i was sick yesterday, but got word that Goofy won the contest. WOW! speaking on that, is like Tony Larussa talking about that obvious brown shit that was in Kenny Rogers hand on the mound, "you saw it, I saw it, so for me to talk about it is pointless...". i dont wanna say who should or shouldn't have won, but i don't remember seeing anyone do a 360-ollie w/flip down them big ass stairs, and ill leave it right there. my man Quys gonna send me some flicks so i'll post em later today. i got a good question though- if they have the technology to have live web-feed from the contest, why dont they have the PUBLIC decide who the winner is? or does the public matter? something to think about... well im out. going to skate this cold out. meet me @ BP. ill be the black guy skating with shorts, no socks and huge gashes in my shins. jeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hahaha that was a very entertaining read! Consider me a fan from here on out. Good call about Terry Kennedy he seems like a kooky media whore. To tell the truth everyone seems like a kook these days. There's too much money floating around skateboarding. I don't want pro skateboarders to turn into whiny little prima-donna bitches like most professonal athletes.

3:32 PM  
Blogger Arthur Cash said...

Looks like little kids took over that contest. Mvp's for Ryan Sheckler and Nyjah Houston? what?!?!? I didn't see any footage so I can't say what the deal is. That sucks you had to be so PC with your mciing and how unprofessional it seems like they handled it, that's not fun at all.
Terry Kennedy, whats the deal with him? I saw the commercial for that beef and I couldn't believe it. How can you be a pro skater and have beef with an mc???? so much beef that they make a show about it?!?!?! man I agree with you on all that skateboard p/lupe same shit different bapes.
You notice they make all those beef shows saying that the music industry capitilizes on the beef and the violence, but what do those same shows make money from?!!?!?! the beef! its ridiculous. Anyways good post man.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you heard Terry "rap"?

5:23 PM  
Blogger Arthur Cash said...

does he rap on his part of baker 3? if so yah i heard that and it was nothing special

5:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

man that beef show is embarrassing! they must be running out of ideas and they start doing cartoon beefs with HE-MAN vs. Skeletor or some shit

5:52 PM  
Anonymous Kodee said...

Man, I have to say I lost it when that comment was made over the loud speaker. Asides, Duncan was just talking about tricks someone else did througout the day. At least you made it a point to raise attention to the random hot broad up in the paparazzi mix

9:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good read, Clyde. As always.

I, however, believe Terry Kennedy SHOULD go at Lupe Fiasco. Shit, somebody should. I know you were giving Lupe felacio a little bit in one of youe earlier blogs (you caught him walking out of BP), but Lupe Fiasco is a piece of shit who's trying to use skateboarding to become established. That's his gimmick. Please. This guy rides skateboards like Christian Slater did when he filmed Gleaming the Cube. Lupe's faking the fucking funk, man.

I read some interview with Lupe in so and so skate magazine where each of his responses sounded like they came from the mouth of a straight poser of the month. he said he didn't bring his board with him on tour because it gets "filthy" and he doesn't want to touch it with his fingers. Like, WTF. He should join Jimmy Jones' rollerblade team.

Please, God, will a talented rapper diss the shit out of Lupe?

-Sean H.

11:43 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...


the better question here is- Why would a talented rapper waste his time dissing a kid who likes to ride a skateboard? you know how ridiculous that would sound in the middle of a good 16..? wow. it would be a personal lost of said rapper. and for the record- Lupe was walking out of Suru about to skate, i was skating, and he had a skateboard.. id say we were skating. now pharrell on the other hand- HOW and WHY would someone defend that clown? the dudes been in the industry for over a decade, singing and whatever else he does, skating gets big- then HE cashes in. THAT- is truth. trust me... Lupe, im not "defending", i just asked whats wrong w/him? he's a talented rapper, he came right out the gate and said he liked skating, he doesnt lie to people about skating, he doesnt sell $200 "skate-shoes"(aka cashing in), and people dont like HIM? i think people are a bit confused on this one.. thanks for the comment though. peace

12:03 PM  
Blogger Wookie said...

I hate to be pedantic, but a dude can't give a girl fellatio, it's the other way around! The girl fellates the dude. The dude performs cunnilingus on the girl. It's important to get these terms correct, I think you'll agree. Language is my tool...

ShItPaNtS x

4:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nah, you're right, Clyde. Lupe shouldn't diss back at TK. What good would that do? I've never heard TK rap, but he's probably ass and probably not worth the led in Lupe's pencil. Lupe would be better served to ignore him. Sucks for Lupe though that BET has transformed a popular DVD into a shitty program that chronicles such blazing battles as Naomi Campbell VS. Tyra Banks.

And it does look pathetic on TK's part to even be recorded on the BEEF shit in the first place. He needs to get a fucking life. In fact, I commend you for even coming at him like this. When I heard you talking about his BEEF appearance at GvR, I thought you were merely bigging him up, not criticizing his idiotic behavior. Props.

And, yeah, Pharell is a clown too. In fact, I'd agree he's a worse one than Lupe. I've always found the title of "Skateboard P" laughable. Like, get the fuck outta here, dude. So, you have a brother or a cousin or some shit (Kato Williams) who rides for Willy's Workshop. And you can do a handstand in a Zoo ad. So what? Quit weezing the juice.

Fuck the both of these guys (Skateboard P and Lupe). Skating is just being pimped out by a lotta people and a lot of companies these days.

All i'm saying is that I wish skating had a legitimate ambassador participating in the hip hop industry. One that could really come at dudes like these and shut em down. Not Quim Cardona. Not fucking Brandon Turner. And especially not Terry Kennedy. It's times like these when i wish that Nas had a mean tre so he could etherize these dipshits.

To answer your Q about what's wrong with Lupe, I find him to be capitalizing on our shit just like the rest of them. Yeah, he's been behind skating since he ever got big...but how convenient for Lupe to come out at a time when skateboarding is so big. Personally, i'd have more respect for the guy if he just dressed in skate shit and threw in a casual reference here and there (which is what I though Pharell was doing before he started capitalizing on the shit). But, no, Lupe went and made an "ode to skating" as his breakout joint. The thing is, biz politics aside, at the end of the day, the artist decides (or should decide) what his lead single is. So, now, Lupe's got a lot to live up to. And, thus far, I'm not fucking convinced. Not yet anyways. And, who cares about how talented a rapper is when his credibility is in question? He could put words together like the God Rakim or G Rap or something, but if he's trying to make his name off of a culture, one that I hold close to my heart, in an untrue way, I got no love for him.

Regardless, maybe i shouldn't base my entire opinion of the guy on a hit single (not to mention "Kick Push Part 2") and some crappy mag article (those things get twisted around on their way to print often, i know).

But, if you haven't checked it, i'ma find that interview and send it to you. It was either in Thrasher or Skateboarder like four months ago.

And, last I heard, Lupe did ink a deal with RBK (where Ice Cream calls home) for a signature shoe. Is it a skate shoe? I don't know. Does it matter? Maybe.

Your thoughts, Piff?

-Sean H.

4:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck "P", fuck Lupe. so much bapes on skates these days you can call these kids monkey fuckers. and its all because of these cunts. god, if you're really out there, please strike these poser motherfucker down... like now. throw a thunder bolt, give them herpes, just something please.

10:17 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

-to "wookie"... uh..... nevermind. seriously.. actually- nevermind. just a heads up, jokes arent usually based on "facts". keep that in my mind next time a room full of people are laughing about something that "doesnt make sense.."

-to "anonymous"... sorry, i have no idea what you were rambling about. you lost me 16 sentences in. what i somehow got out of it is- you think i "hate" Terry, or "was calling him out..", neither which is remotely true. do i think its goofy he/people do shit like this- YES. does that mean i dont like the guy- NOPE. in order for me to not like someone, they have to be part of my life. last i checked, Terry lives idontknowhere, and chills w/idontknowho.. lets not get things misconstrued..

then you say Lupe's "capatalizing off our shit". uhhh.. how?!?! he made a song about it? okay.. so how much money DID he make off "us". "us" being the skateboard communtiy as well as music consumers? i personally dont know ANYONE who spent their money on a Lupe cd, rather than either buying a year pass to a skatepark, a skateboard, skateboard shoes, trucks, etc... they dont sell his CD in skateboard shops, and if he does get a shoe, they wont sell it in skateboardshops... again- whats the big problem w/this guy? last i checked, this guys promoting a HIP-HOP album, not a skateboard video, "skateboard "shoes, "skateboard P" mixtapes. you should look at these things before you decide who is, and isnt, taking fom "us". theres a HUGE difference there..

6:51 AM  
Blogger Arthur Cash said...

Agree with you Clyde. It seems like everyone is hating on Lupe these days. His album is dope and I really don't think he raps about skateing to sell more records. I mean if he wanted to sell more records he would need to market to the people who actually buy records, like 13 yr old girls and moms.

So did anyone actually watch this beef?!?!?! i missed it, so fill me in if you saw it.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


DM: Kick Push is awesome, it's an amazing narrative. When did you start skateboarding? What is the skateboarding scene like in Chicago?

LF: Thank you. All praises due to God. I used to skate when I was younger - it tapered off though, and I just recently picked it back up through collecting sneakers and hanging in skateshops.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous daniel said...

piff, I mostly agree with what you said but this one has to be added. I mean, finally lupe's, tk's and skateboard p's marketing is just working perfect cause you guys are wasting so many lines on it and other people pick up the discussion and link to this post and so on. With no doubt tk is begging for attention and not trying to proof that he's a better skateboarder, rapper, whatever. a few months ago, i saw lupe's video for the first time and just thought cool, there's a dude rapping a skateboard hymn. i listened to that tune five times and forgot about. probably because the track is not that good, but whatever. what I'm trying to say is that since the "news" about tk's beef show popped up everybody from LA to Munich is taking affirmative action for one of them. Fellas, stop feeding that fake media hype. you're just becoming part of the marketing plan. and remember what any marketing expert knows since day one: there is no bad promotion - there is only promotion.

6:34 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

what is the guy above me talking about...? go ahead..... dont worry..... i got time....exactly.
now, how is a blog "feeding the fake media hype"? HA! its a blog dog! one more time- A BLOG! this blogs not on BET, in a skateboard magazine for a fee, or on a shelf in a local store. its one of the gazillion blogs, on a small topic.. no one in Munich was reading Piffs blog, watching BET or give a rats cavity what "Beef" is. their probly watching something good on BBC. stop reaching. if you read my prior comment, i plainly say- "theres a HUGE difference here.." thanks though. jeah!

9:32 PM  
Blogger dL said...

Rest assured, someone in Munich IS reading your blog. And in Hamburg. And in London. And in Berlin. And so on. Because it's a damn good read, with some damn good points in it. You better watch the stats, cause they'll be through the roof in no time.

6:10 AM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

damn! and i was told, "blogs dont pay..". good lookin out. did u happen to see good day la today? quite possibly the creepiest shit ive EVER seen in my entire life. ill blog on it later today... be easy mayn. jeah!

4:28 PM  
Anonymous ben said...

you should host a game of skate between all these dudes, you could mc the thing, and have lupe, skateboard p, tk, the pack (or whoever the fuck they are), shit, invite jim jone's skate crew, too, have all these dudes play a game of skate, i think it would go perfectly with your loop set up, where you have DFB doing the snap dance behind you and all that shit, this could by far make for one of the greatest days in skateboard history, haha!

3:02 AM  
Blogger dL said...

"Blogs don't pay"?? That depends on who's blogging. And "good day la" ... Nah, we don't have that in Hamburg, Germany. :D

1:43 AM  
Anonymous meat loaf said...

it takes alot to laugh out loud by yoursef ...ya know....anyway these blogs are ridiculous..i am seriously fucking laughing to my self......i only do this when summer rental is on....and/or city slickers......i bought trilogy when it came out and shit is fucking seriously when the skating level was ante'd upped. i still watch that video.l

11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eventhough I am late, some of us are from Berne Switzerland and read your BLOG!
Love your Blog and keep rolling...

7:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Screw you all you dumb ignorant faggot$ who the hell do you think you are! Terry Kennedy can do wtf he wants when the wtf he want and its got nothing to do with you so mind you beeswax and stop hating you faciest nazi ba$tard

8:17 AM  
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