Thursday, September 21, 2006

the day after the day before yeaterdays blog!

nope.. i no longer endorse Troop apparel ANYMORE. wanna see why?

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exactly. thats why.. i showed up @ ASR, and that was in the catalog along w/my image. theres more, but you'll have to wait for an upcoming issue of theskateboardmag for my complete and total ethering. and people thought i was crazy not to sign a contract.. smh

So.. Im walking out of Brooklyn Projects(my local shop on Melrose..), in mid conversation w/micheal rappaport, and me and a black kid literally almost skate directly into each other.. The conversation goes as followed..

“whats up, mayn..”

“whaddup fam... Hey?! Are you clyde singleton?!”

“yeah... Holy shit! Lupe?”

“oh shit!! (pointing to his friend)clyde singleton.. !”

“oh scnhapps!! You’re that rapper kid hugh..”

Hip hop handshakes, hugs, etc.....

“hey. You still makin that video right..?”

“yup... You got some......”

Turns to his friend, “yo.. Give this dude whatever he needs... Here, as a matter of fact- take my email and contact me personally.. Ill make sure you get whatever you want.”

Stood left in amazement.

turned to Micheal Rappaport

"what... the hell.. just happened?"

"i dont know, but he was rude to that girl in there i think.. (half jokingly)imma download his album now..!"

"i dont know. he was alright by me. plus- he was skating!! wow. imma get you the album for free.. i got his contact info cause he's gonna give me music for my video.."

"alright.. you be easy."

hiphop hugs, handshakes, etc...

now if thats not weird enough, me and my guh'rl was eating at Bossa Nova 20 minutes later, i look down, and theres a black widow in my cornbread. A FUKKIN BLACK WIDOW!!! as any decent man would do, I immediately ran into action and swatted the spider onto my guh'rl, and saved the cornbread. oddly enough, not even 4 minutes afterwards, i was eatin garlic toast and my tooth cracked in half. i wish i could make all this up, but unfortunately its all true to the word. gotta run. headed to Mann's for this Jackass2 jumpoff, once again- with no ID. hey, its aint easy convincing the DMV to put Piff on your ID. im out.. for now


Blogger vitamin D said...

fuck troop. fuck cornbread. fuck troop again. you're cool. & fuck you i'm out

6:19 PM  
Blogger vitamin D said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

6:19 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

But big ups to Black Widow Spiders? Heathenous Trollop.

9:19 AM  
Blogger LarryLush said...

I'm glad FOX finally put American Dad between The Simpsons and The Family Guy instead of The War at Home. Not that American Dad is so great, War at Home just sucks so bad.

7:40 PM  

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