Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lost Angeles Times: Vol Wuh'n

recently went to my first prom, and my outfit consisted of the following:
camo shorts
white tee
half Cabs minus socks
i personally plan to get married in the same outfit, and hopefully by then, they'll finally make some lotion that'll penetrate the layer of ash between my heel and achilles. whats the name of that area anyways? who knows, but i swear, sometimes i'll look down behind my ankle and it looks like i just did the long jump into a big pit of white doughnuts...

some could people could find that embarrassing.. personally, i settle for shit like this to ease my need for a daily dose of 2nd hand embarrassment. roll the tape..

jesus.. and for those of you who dont know whats goin on- why care.. i mean cmon. theres a white dude chewing on bullets!!! and ain't that the entire staff of Best Buy? and who threatens people on youtube? smh...

the other night i was eatin dinner w/ma gu'rhl & some friends, turned around, and there was John Elway. no biggie. just JOHN FUKKIN ELWAY. and the other-other day, well last week, i was in a full conversation w/some Roller Derby gu'rhls, and up walked Bishop Don Magic Jaun. now THIS, i found to be somewhat amazing because i couldnt tell if he was wearing a rug, or a fukkin cape! seriously- who walks around with a goblet, wearin a fukkin cape? thats literally- some super niggerish shit right there....

so i went to this Banksy thing this weekend, and saw a elephant painted pink.. yeah pink. so anyways, at the door they give you these flyers that read something to the tune of "don't be alarmed.. theres a elephant in the room." personally i think the shit shouldve said, " dont be alarmed, theres a elephant in the room that probably smells better than 80% of the people staring at it.." in all fairness, the exzibit was cool and all, but DAMN- it smell't like the inside of a viking helmet in that joint. at one point, i shit you not, even the elephant walked outside to take a breather.

the Stealers are bums, and we proved it Monday night. go home and mine some coal, or whatever it is yall do. and id like to personally thank kt for callin on some "grown man shit", and congratulating the Jags. other than that... the Jags>Matt Miller's current "Stealer"s collection. im out.. mr.904, piff huxtable. jeah!

oh yeah... the videos almost done. wanna see the promos again?

minority report 1.5

minority report 2.5

im really out this time..


Blogger LarryLush said...

Chewing on bullets is mad Popeye gangsta shit. Like when Bluto would toss an anchor at his dome and Popeye would chew it up and spit bullets back at him. And what kind of message does Popeye send to kids anyway? If you're feeling beat, get high and things will turn out OK. What do you suppose Popeye is doing with this whole tainted Spinach crisis going on? Does he have to use cabbage like it's methadone?

7:50 PM  

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