Wednesday, December 05, 2007

R.I.P. Chad "Pimp C." Butler (December 29, 1973 – December 4, 2007)

yesterday morning, i got a text message from my boy Amish letting me know they found Pimp C dead in his hotel room. i was about a mile from there, so me & Shelton did a drive-by only to find out- it was true. Cameras, cops, tape.. the shyt really kicked in. being a lifetime UGK fan(randomly enough. the cat that put me up on UGK, is Lance Conklin..), i feel it was only right to pay this brother some respect. instead of poppin my daily dose of swag- imma lace yall with some of my favorite UGK joints. once again, R.I.P Pimp C. and my prayers go out to all your family and friends.

U.G.K- Pocket Full of Stones

U.G.K- Wood Wheel

U.G.K.- Its Supposed to Bubble

U.G.K.- Tell Me Something Good

Pimp C- Freestyle on Rap City

U.G.K- w/3-6 Mafia- International Players Anthem

keep ya head up Bun.. ya mans is in a better place. im out. i got work to do. and ill leave yall with this real spit- anytime you thinking about somebody, CALL THEM! appreciate your life, family and friends... the shyt can be taken away in a hearts beat. literally.. be easy yall..


Anonymous lejdc said...

rip chad butler

5:41 PM  
Anonymous derekmc said...

he's sittin low low in a fresh caddy up stairs sippin on some water water

7:33 PM  
Blogger The Beaner said...

heard about this yesterday...shits fucked up

7:00 PM  

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