Monday, December 03, 2007

whats more swaggerous than a industry, and a "in da screets" nikka like myself

holy jesus... im not big on prank calls, but this is possibly GOAT. roll the tape.

lets discuss this.. first off- the shyts ridonkulous. second- "the Gregster"? fukkin classikk. finally. did this nikka Hulk Hogan just curse? bwaahahahahahahahah.. Hulk got some swagger like that? hold up. why the fukk am i dapping this roided up, racist feggit? yeah, i said racist. actually, this guys no different than Dog, except hes got a daughter who actually owns her own set of teeth. i just thought of the goodest question. why didnt they just hang up the phone? real talk?

uh oh. breaking news! i got the tape of Scott Storch meeting The Gregster in a parking lot.. and.. well, just watch the tape

bwahahahahahhaahahha.. ole boy was parallel with the earf! im sorry, but nothing makes me happier than watching that. actually. pop tarts & a joint, while getting some chewy is gooder than anything in the universe.

too bad by the time you even realize what "chewy" is, ill have something this cool to discuss..
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im just gonna go out on a limb and say- whoever made this, is a genius. this has inspired me to make "Jungle Juice" malt liquor. each 40 will have a red, or blue bandana for a label, and will ONLY be sold in the jungles. in related news, while smoking a blunt on the back patio of LAX, i was told that i got plenty of love from the BGs. now you tell me- whats more swaggerous than a industry, and a "in da screets" nikka like myself? "swaggerous"...? wow..

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REAL TAWK TIME. THIS IS POSSIBLY THE BEST THING TO HAPPEN TO SKATEBOARDING, SINCE STEVE ROCCO. i personally wanna thank Mike Ballard, as well as Jai Tanju for bringing skateboarding back. these cats are about to fukk the game up! congratulations boys. youve done something so interesting, its disgusting.*waits for the hating to commence on these cats*

howd i go from straight hating a bish, to meeting 4 within 4 hours? yo, Amish. your co-worker is beautiful. tell her i didnt mean to laugh at the pregnant lady who got kicked down the steps, or the baby with the mutated head. or the lady with Lukemia. or.. damnit! just tell her i said she was beautiful. damn, i loves me a beautiful, working woman.

in related news, i met some random chick at LAX while smoking in the back(DT!*cough*), and proceeded to ask her to dance.. i swear before the good Lawd this is what happened

need i say more? shyt was straight 2nd hand embarrassment.

in this weeks "oh golly, im gully awards", we got a hall of famer. ladies and gentleman- i present the gulliest man on the planet, Bear Grylss(this is not for the squeemish)

who wants to go first? ok. i will. WHO is this dude, and how does he know how to dissect, and eat a fukkin dead camel? is he a trained vet? plus- who the fukk climbs inside of dead sh!t? oh yeah, evil spirits. this dudes the devil. fareal.

i gotta go. some people owe me money, and i got some hustling to do. click some of them lanks on the right, and you can find just about anything in the world. even a speak n spell.


Blogger The Beaner said...

daaaaaym, that fool went empire strikes back all up in that shit!

if i'm not mistaken, chewy is a coke-joint right? no idea what "gulliest" means.

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you talkin about skatebook right? i couldent tell if your for it or against it

9:59 PM  
Blogger scott digi said...

yo Clyde,
i'm sorry about pimp c. mang. UGK was/still is tight...

I was watching your part in trilogy the other day. So sick. Is the heelflip then frontside heel over the table a continuous line? I think it is. AND DEN i got some bangin' Dipset off your site!!! Keep doing your thing. Feeling that one!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Baby Cujo said...

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Hard to believe this beer comes from La Crosse, Wi

11:57 PM  

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