Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"... a post-muffined raisin, or a Nerd?"

before i get started, sorry about the lay-off. now. if anyone can decipher who the fukk this dude is-
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man.. i couldnt tell you what this things heads shaped like. A post-muffined raisin, or a Nerd? anywhat. i got a autographed Minority Report Deck/DVD, and a bag of assorted goodies for whoever guesses what that is. Gawt damn, thas a ugly ass- human! but thats not whats important. what is important...

after conducting a interview a few weeks ago, i learned some things. and thats either Pharrell REALLY can skate, or black folks will go to bat for this dude- no matter what. and guess what? Black people dont lie! Shit. Ask O.J.! fa'real though. look at what someone sent me, and the shit even said, "look, he can't skate..". smh. roll the tape..

well, i be gawt damned! now this is some real spit. coming from a former Supreme hater of this dude, Im sorry to inform the world, but- PHARRELL CAN ACTUALLY, SKATE. yup. piFF said it. I actually tip my hat to the brother, considering one important thing. He's actually gooder than 70% of people who sell you your magazines, Nikes, streetwear, and other random non-skate(but somehow skate...)-related shit from! hell, i can personally tell you 20 guys, right now, who cant do what this man just did on a skateboard! and they run BIG companies, boutiques, magazines, etc... So as i said, real spit- you alright by me Pharrell. i still dont fugg with them homo ass colors you be rockin.. thas all for now.

next.. who woulda ever thought that this shoe
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would end up costing the same as a old pair of Jordans? i know Gator probly sitting in his cell shaking them bars, like a old alcoholic with Parkinsons. then again, i bet he has no idea what the fukks a "internet", or the what the word throwback even means. so, discussing him, is pretty much, pointless. Killa!

oh schnapp.. ladies and gentleman, this young lady has made her second appearance on piFFs blog in a years time. i introduce, the cinematic debut of Mrs. Riley Bongard in, "Pasta".

wow. just. wow. i think something flew in my eye. im serious. dont move my hand! i said, somethings in my eye, nikka! know what? i think imma have a kid with Muh'lissa after we go to thisLakai premier Friday. our kids gonna have a steady diet of Cheese Doodles, Grape drink, and those cinnamon cookies that dont taste so cinnamony when licked past the sugar. gaw'damn i love that woman. and this one.

and this one...
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im saying. my blog is certified- piFF. especially when im bringing back such piFFleration as this..

shout out to my Seattle people. Manik Skateboards, and Stack- i see yall, fam. Actually, id really like to send that out to both Jean Grae, as well as Ryan Monihan of Monihan Monihan fukkedry. Jean. well. for being Jean. and, getting ousted from BET studios yesterday- FOR LIFE. holla! and to Monihan. whos not only from Seattle, but today when he was explaining to me the Jean situation, somehow threw the word "cracker" in like it was nothing. btw- Monihans whiter than Duncans left nostril. Classic.

i gotta run yall. once again, the pleasure was mine. watch for alot of changes in the coming weeks. im just telling you know, so you wont be stuck on stupid or look dumb stalking my every move(again). in the meantime, go read up on the 10 mafia commandments, and im heading out the office to get some chicken. until next time yall.. jeah!


Blogger The Beaner said...


thas lil' jon, nukka!!

for the record, you should name your files somethin other than their name if you want to have people guess who it is.

8:44 PM  
Blogger piff huxtable said...

The Beaner said...


thas lil' jon, nukka!!

for the record, you should name your files somethin other than their name if you want to have people guess who it is.

8:44 PM

"some ole smart, dumb nikkas.."- Pretty Tone

fam. i personally dont care if people click the photo and get the answer. as you shouldn't either..


9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We know that LJ wasn't getting no kind of ass in high school, lookin like the black dude from revenge of the nerds.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that sir mix a lot reminds of me of the e-40 remake "big ballin' with my homies". bringin back sweet memories...

7:32 PM  
Anonymous TwisT said...

yo, what up wit you being down with the board bangers, them the lamest motha fuckas that ever claimed to skate, man, them niggas riding skateboarding nots to get a paycheck, and they cant rap

8:40 AM  
Blogger Desmond said...

yo clyde thats Lil John!

where can I buy a minority report board??? been looking for one forever. I just got my world box set today and the commentary is great and, your trilogy and 20 shot parts are dope.

2:34 PM  
Anonymous holladay said...

I seen Muh'lissa and I gots no idea what you want with dat. How does a black girl have no booty?

11:35 AM  

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