Tuesday, August 28, 2007

"you can be crazy, just dont be insane..."

i dont think theres much to be said. i dont even know why im boring you with uh intro.. here ya go...

now.. hold that thought. because in the great words of O'Shea Jackson ," oh.. it aint over muthafukk'uhs."

clawd hammercy... now if you CANT laugh at that- you ain't human. i mean.. lets roll the tape back to the :53 mark. now, you see her face? thas what i talm bout! thats the face "winners" of the human race make, right before they're crossing that imaginary line of "victory". happens all the time. now, what DOESNT happen all the time? the sound of two whales mating when you fall like that. speaking of mating whales, anybody catch the lunar eclipse last night? whoduhfuh...?

i hear theres some big hub-bub about both 50cent & Kanye album coming out on the same day. hmm... roll the tape please.

i...... am....... speech.... less. too bad this guy aint.

*spits out waffles*bwahahahahahahahahahhaaahahah... now- WHOS GOT 2ND HAND EMBARRASSMENT? i dont! as a matter of fact, i opened the window, and turned up the volume. im sorry, but people NEED to hear shyt like this. THIS is what they REALLY think. i mean, this guy "knows whats up" for "us". or did he say "you people"? either way- "hes NOT a racist..". he said it himself. pretty solid guy, so id take his word. whaddafeggit. id beat this dude to the bone marrow(no hoghmauex). im actually glad theres still a such thing as stupid people, youtube, and racism. it further proves the FACT, people are so quik to dismiss: racisms still alive and well. even if you "stainky rich", like fiddy. with that said- support this Wise Intellegent cd, folks.... matter of fact, buy 2, and send one to that ole Betsey Johnson lookin bast'id up there...

before i go... what i really wanna know is, WHERE eltse can u get this cd, watch this short, or hear about this site, all in one sentence? we da baaaast! roll the tape! this my shyt right ch'eah!

im up outta this bish.. first person to send me the newest issue of Re-Up(Grace Jones cover?), ill PayPal em $50. and thanx to everyone for their patience on both the Carter, and the limited Minority decks. both've gotten pushed back like Rhiannas forehead. fortunately enough- her forehead, with last night positioning of the moon, forecast a Sept 1st. drop... jeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha, ye's doing the "Carlton"!

3:08 PM  
Blogger BANANAMAN said...


8:03 AM  
Blogger BAMF. said...

can somebody please tell me where i can get those minority report decks i want one so badly!

3:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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2:56 AM  
Anonymous J-Steeze said...

Yo, big up's to ya on the blog, I'm always peepin' it @ work. All I have to say is that reporter eating shit is a PERFECT example of KARMA. She tried to cheat and then shit go what was commin'

4:19 PM  

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