Wednesday, August 22, 2007

who's losing the human race.. part 5ive

not into the news much, but i wanna start off by saying- Fukk Bill O'Reilly. this dumb fukk of a fukk, tried to.. actually. just watch this clip..

jesus christ.. did this stupid fukk just put a rapper and a soon-to-be convicted dog killer/graveyard owner, in the same sentence!? gawt damn- what is this world coming to? really quik question.. WHY is Bill O' Reilly(convicted of sexual harassment) of all people, talking to women- period?!?! this guys CONVICTED OF SEXUALLY HARASSING WOMEN WHERE HE WORKS! i wonder if this dude was worried about the ills of society, when he was fondling himself with a dildo while harassing the poor lady trying to put some bread on her table..wake the fukk up people... this dudes a certified- douchebag.

if that aint bad enough, check this out. well. im glad we all finally figured that out. so, next time a pigeon shyts on anything- expect for it to randomly collapse into tiny fragments in the future.. not so hard.

if you wanna feel smart, watch this movie... once any feelings of "what the fukkery" are restored- dont feel so bad about being dumb. i mean, at least you can still crank dat Robocop..

i have no idea WHAT the frukk this dudes sayin 80% of the time, but frukk it- this my shyt! actually, if my sources are correct- this kid downloaded a music program(obviously w/little, to no idea of how to work the damn thing), posted the track on myspace, and got a deal.. piFF salutes lil man, for excellence in the usage of the dial-up modem. now if you can stop cutting up your little brothers sheets to make those horrible new "streetwear" jackets, you might be taken serious past the month of September.. real tawk- dude look't like a walking box of Good & Plentys. before i go- where the fukk is Cam'Ron San Diego?

get my fukkin pool in the back! im up outta this bish.. just got that Madden 08'.. and the Cowboys going late into the playoffs this year. you can go 'head & bookmark this, and hit me back 'roun mid-Jan'uhrairy if you dont believe me now.... jeah!


Blogger BbeBootylicious7 said...

I need some more Clyde-randomness in my life!! I expect a text message everyday from you homez! :)

9:34 AM  
Anonymous Fancy Pants Lance said...

Seahawks Man, Seahawks...

8:55 PM  
Blogger derek Mc said...

man, ur shyt keeps me crackin up! don't stop til the casket drops.

11:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reilly is a dumb fuck.

5:53 PM  

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