Tuesday, November 20, 2007

"..unless you want some hurt feelings w/that turkey."

No. i didnt go to the Lakai video. No. I didnt hang at the after party. and no, im not telling you where i got this..
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gawt damn- thas a ugly baby! fa'real. but. if you think thats something, lets take a look at Steve-O's dad..

and yall wonder where Steve-O got his swagger from.. lets see. The shows taped in Florida? Steve-O's from Florida? catch up folks. this time- its actually checkers, not chess. if this aint Steve-O's family, may the good Lawd strike me where i stand. ok. im still here. told yall. catch up...

this past weekend was the shyt. my little brother and his girl were in town. i rolled back on the same block some dudes tried to roll on me, only to get apologized to. and lastly- we went to L.A.X. and got a table. all 10 of us. great weekend. too bad some people are walking around furious. case in point, Saturday night. Joh has a downhill driveway, that with the right kick- can coast you into the road, and 1 block away from the store. being the stores 3 blocks away, this is every skateboarders dream. especially if you're somewhat intoxicated. so off i go down the driveway, into the dark streets of Hollywood when suddenly i see 2 lights and a bumper whisk past my hip. being ive been skating for almost 20 years in the streets, the entire thing wasnt weird, scary or anything of that nature. just another car i almost got hit by. Big deal. Not to the lady that was driving though. Id gotten all but 50 ft from her SUV, when i hear this screeching, furious... witch, screaming only God and witches know what. I was gonna roll back up to the crazy old lady and ask her what her problem was, but i decided the entire event was over anyways so why bother. Plus, pardon me if im not correct- i was the one who almost got hit, so what the fukk was this bish mad about anyways? off to the store i went.
so last night, i was crossing Melrose(on foot) when low and behold, another one of these great restless ass LA drivers almost plowed me down(again). not only did the dumb bish not look BOTH WAYS before turning, she also had what looked to be her Grandma, and 2 kids in the car.(idiots ALWAYS keep company in tow..). after giving the entire car whiplash, this retarded fuckwad had the nerve to look at me, grit her teeth and slam on the horn. this time piFF wasnt so cool. too bad for this lady, not only did i just buy a banana, but my arm closest hers window accidentally slammed said banana into her car and wacthed it slide down the entire side. from the window, to the wawl! point of this story- dont ever almost hit a man with a banana, and act brave. shyt'll have you calling Maaco.

lucky for me, i didnt get charged with a... holy gawd! im sitting in my managers house and a fukkin squirrel just walked in. hmm. must be winter? damn. that was weird. but not as weird as finding this site, when i was looking up the recent reverse racism-crime i was intentionally looking for. its official. seriously, white people are mad. about what? who knows. but they are furious at society... more to come in the following days. actually, lemme put you on to this, before i get started...

ok.. ill explain this slowly- racism is a CLASS issue. but when shyt like this starts sprouting up. well. thats just pure boredom, ignorance, or a guy whos girl got fukked by a black guy. possibly, a combination of all 3. so we all clear on this? cool. while im at it, i wanna give a shout out and Happy Thanksgiving to Micheal Vick.
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whut? holla.

i gotta run. got some treatments to read, business cards to pick up, clothes to return, checks to cash, trees to burn. actually...

what a fitting song for the day.. everybody have a good T-day. and if you aint a Cowboys fan, dont even bother watching tv if you dont want some hurt feelings w/that turkey. until next time. be easy.. jeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo that is steve o's dad! no f'n doubt son, it HAS to be!

2:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, why you gotta make fun of Chris Farleys Baby like that?

7:46 AM  

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