Thursday, May 17, 2007

laughin straight to the bank w/this... bwahahahahaha.. bwahahahaha!

damn! did you see all the buzz i generated on the net yesterday?! damn! bwaaahahahahahahaha.. hold on.. hold on.. im a "kook"?! bwaahahahahahaa.. what the fukkery, is a "kook"? that sound like some shit they was saying last century! definantly must've been some old dude... and then they say, im "old"? "old"?! HA! im 32 years young! plus, im in the best shape of my life! why one would assume im "old", or "washed up"- is beyond explanation. yeah- i took a year off skating professionally. but call me crazy, i think i've accomplished more than some folks(even those "in the industry") within said year, than most of these "anonymous" bums have their WHOLE LIFE. hold on. LIFE! so... i guess we cleared that one up. now, onto am i "racist"? yes. im actually so racist, i 'ont even buy white light bulbs. if you don't believe me, ask my girl, all my friends & employers. all 70% of em- whom are white. see, thats why it always baffles me, who comes up with half the responses written on message boards. 9 times outta ten, its some disgruntled guy who NEVER made it, not only in skateboarding, but at anything in life. they probably NEVER had the gall to say what they really feel, so of course they'd "anonymously" get all e-motional on the net about shit. but lemme tell yall something. see, whenever i see this kinda faqquit up front and personal, all that that tough guy, e-talk diminshes to, "so... want a beer, dude...?" man, keyboards make people pussier than Pink. and thats why i ain't ever worried about yall.. eh'rybody, i mean EH'RYBODY knows what i look like. but heres the catch world- i bet NOBODY aint gonna say, or do half the shit they clack up on their keyboards. and i'll put that on ANYTHING. they dont got the HEART to. so look. if i say i went to a contest, i write a blog explaining why i didnt enjoy watching a bunch of over-age men skating a pool(1)- it aint nothing short of ok to me. because i know, as well as anyone else, not only was it the TRUTH- but no matter how much you don't like what i say or write, I BET YOU AINT GONNNA SAY, NOR DO SHYT TO ME IN PERSON. I FUKKIN DARE YOU. and with that said, thanks for plugging my name/blog all over the internet. on my dead lil brother- i promise i aint goin nowhere, no time soon. i got the eye of a lion, and the heart of bear. thats why im here, and you standing over there. and this aint no "because", nikkuh. this is God willing. im chosen. deal with it, faqquit. in closing, if you still feel really gully about anything i say, how about when you're old ass sees me, challenge me in a game of skate or some one-on-one boxing in front of your family and kids, so i can really son your ass into oblivion... ill show you why you, your wife & kids REALLY call me "that nikkuh". ill be back...and until then, don't forget- take ya Geritol you ole Wilford Brimley, w/oatmeal for bushing, kick turning ass bast'ids.. and next time- IM REALLY SAYING YA NAME. once again, thanks to all the REAL ex-professional(2) who participated this weekend. and i apologize to everyone who had to watch anyone besides Chris miller, Ben Schreoder, Duane Peters, Buck Smith, and a the select few PROS who were coupled with them. and maybe, just maybe, if some folks whom i were seated in front of whom PAID to sit there and watch weren't as vocal about what i elaborated on, this discussion wouldnt even be relevant. and to whomever feels some other way- the challenge is right there... for spot. trick for trick... i got all the time, money, and energy in the world. everybody else- enjoy skateboarding, learn how to take a joke, and remember- what kills you, only makes me stronger. and hate last longer than love, peace to all..

-(1) the beauty of the previous blog, and anyone in particular taking offense to it, was NO ONES name was mentioned! which in turn means theres a bunch of sensitive old men who didnt get a single clap during their run, or must not have gotten a trophy, and STILL has their Depends all tied up in a knot... walk it off, old man. maybe next year. maybe next year.....

-(2)not you ole Bob Costas, "oh yeah, im pro too" side-line sum'muh a bitches...


Anonymous Robby Rude said...

The Bottom line is this---if you yourself could actually skate a pool with any sort of "trickery" you would be doing it as well as some of the so-called "old nikkahs" you talk smack about. You can't skate a pool and rule it like Steadham, or anyone of those other old guys did then AND now, so that's why you should just shut the fuck up about it. We will never EVER be reminiscing down the road about "all those awesome Clyde Singleton pool contest runs" of the past, because they never happened, and never will. You really SERIOUSLY want to impress someone, back your shit up by challenging someone like Steadham or Grosso, or Lance or SALBA, or Malba--hell even Tony Alva to a game of SKATE in a pool or halfpipe, not some lame assed flat-ground "bangerfest" game of SKATE. Skating the streets versus vert/tranny takes about 1/3rd of the talent it takes to skate pool lines or halfpipe runs, which is the ONLY reason besides the fact everyone thinks wearing pads is gay nowdays that today's ritalin-infested kids find street skating so cool. Your so called "legacy" as a pro skater is nil, other than your skateboard rag columns, trust me, today's skateboard kids have the attention spans of gnats, and when you leave the building, no one will keep the light on for you, because you're of no consequence to the industry other than the fact that you have some semi humorous opinions a few people find amusing. It's all fine and good to spout off about things you know about AND can actually do---but until I see some Clyde pool or halfpipe footy, I seriously think you need to keep the chicken wing in your mouth when it comes to dissing the legends that paved the way for laughable street pros (and there's FAR more of those than there EVER was vert pros) to have any sort of career in the industry whatsoever.

7:30 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

why do you right so many words about someone you dispize so much?

5:31 AM  
Anonymous No more CS Crap said...

Right on Robby ! Now let's all stop visiting his site, which is the only thing he really wants. He want's hits and attention. He can't get it skating, so he finds something to bitch about that offends people. Lame Kook is what CS is all about. Now that is funny. bwawawaawawawaw.

6:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah im signing in anonymously, just to piss you off clyde, and yeah im white which im sure pisses you off even more. not that i care what color your skin is or mine is or anybody elses is. i leave that to you who are intently concerned about it. you started this post with haaa look at all the attention i got on the internet. then you ramble on about claiming you are still at the top of the game in pro skating. if the skateboardmag hadnt given you a charity column nobody cept your homies would even know you exist unless they reached back some old big brother magazines. yeah im totally playing into your hands by responding to your blog so you can applaud yourself for getting another cracker to get all riled up. you are completely irrelevant except to yourself and all the people swininging from your nutsack but keep living the myth man you rip youre the best pro skater out there. i used to think you were actually a funny dude in your writing even though your spelling and grammar are horrible. you talked about old people should quit skating and teach kids to read and write. maybe you are bitter because nobody taught you how. bring you flat rolling 1/4 mile of feet adjusting to pull a tre flip style to a park or pool sometime and show everybody why they shouldnt laugh right in your face. it was good you came back and kissed the ass of certain masters guys in your blog i bet that was so you could keep your job at tsm writing your bullshit. the last good clydes corner was in the photo issue years ago. congratulations.

9:18 AM  
Anonymous d said...

all you just need to stop hatin
the only reason cs offends people cause yall are bitches and take shit to heart
even shit thats NOT about you
and even IF he cant skate a bowl.. so fuckin what,
doesnt mean he cant have an opinion about what everyone else is thinking...can you act? no? then why do you rag on movies for bad acting...same fuckin thing. and yall talk shit about his skatin...last time i checked he was gettin paid to rip. now what.
just further proves my point that all of you are just hatin cause you want what hes got

12:48 PM  
Anonymous the drizzle said...

street skating takes a fraction of the skill as skating pools? pads are cool? did I fall into a 30 year time warp or something? Sounds like gramps has been mixing crack with his geritol...go back to the concrete wave forums you dinosaurs!

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Rory Parker said...

Lets take a minute to thank all the eighties skaters who quit for the last twenty years and then started again when one of their ugly ass little children wanted a board for christmas. Fuck their little league mentality, fuck their uppitty old man complaining, and fuck these nonsense contests.Baby boomer pieces of shit. skatings for kids, not parents. If either you or your fat wife has ever blown a screaming fetus out of her snatch you lose all right to have anything to say about skating. Go find a pick up game at your local tennis courts, then go home and kill yourself and your entire family.

I still love ya Clyde. Keep up the good work.

9:03 AM  
Blogger andy said...

good work piff. what the old white men are forgettin' is you skated for the vertiest oldwhitemanest crew in the 90's: ACME. they don't let a fool on if he can't shred some tranny. might even be a vert clip buried in one of those old JimJam videos. i'm claimin' BBO: best blog out.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all of the old guys with hurt feelings,

You are all a bunch of old crybabies. Infants in adult's bodies.

Do you realize that this man was an extremely good mini ramp skater? Ever seen the Acme video? I've seen some old footage and he'll be doing way more tech shit than your colostomy-bag totin', geriatric asses. Just because your uninformed asses haven't seen footage of someone skating tranny doesn't mean they can't rip it.

And he would smack you up in person if you said shit to his face. Believe that.

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Fat, old, and laughing my ass off said...

Git em piff, I got yer back at all times.
Ever see those old, fat dudes playing softball at your local rec center, taking it ALL serious and shit? Same thing.
Don't even trip. Keep up the good work

3:58 PM  
Anonymous illegal immigrant said...

gringos locos!

dejen de hablar mierda y vayanse al carajo!

estamos contigo clyde!

7:30 PM  
Anonymous Campo said...

Clyde, don't let this keyboard warriors get under your skin, keep the blogs comin' piff.

6:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think robbys got a little closet KKK in him. I like chicken and I'm white.
A game of skate in a pool just sounds lame. Learn how to take a joke or even a little jabbin dude. You sound like a 12 yro bitch with 80"s colored pro design pads on... Knee and Elbow! Do you have a flyway helmet on to?
And the fact that you call the "skateboardmag" a rag just shows how hard your clinging on to gators pubes.
let it go broseph. Even the Phelpher would slap you for that one. Watch your step.

8:50 AM  
Anonymous Bandito said...

Man..some ppl take shit alittle too of SKATE in a pool? beating alva and salba and shit..when did skateboarding become a sport??

Clyde, keep yo shit up..M_n_r_ty R_p_rt was off the hook!!

8:58 PM  
Blogger cutty ian said...

clyzza this post was gold mayne..i'm finna add soon as i can figure it out.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

really rocking the boat there clyde.

10:04 AM  
Blogger Zack said...

all i'm gonna say is frontside smith grind in a pool with flip flops on FIRST TRY after drinking a fourty from a slurpee cup and going kosher bread shopping with some clucker that he screamed at. Oh, and I got a picture to prove the smith grind portion.

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

....look first of all I think everyone needs to chill.

Firstly, I think its retarded how people have no respect for the old rippers, people who made such an impact on the sport that they set the tone to how people would skate for the next decade. And Its so fucking annoying how this convo has turned into some battle between old and new and vert and street.

Look ...both old skaters and new skaters deserve respect..I have no fucking clue why everyone needs to rag on other pros...Clyde, some of those old white men deserve respect because without them, I garauntte that the skating world would be no where near what it is today... see other people..thats how you comment on these blogs. I didnt diss either side yo...just everyone chill and respect each other...everyone rips in their own way, and that goes to old skaters so they respect the upcoming skaters and the new styles and ways the skaters of today rip.. The beauty of skateboarding is the creativity that comes along with it, and how everyone uses different structures and skills in different ways to have fun.

2:26 PM  

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