Thursday, May 03, 2007

turkeys can't 'oink'..

So, Don Imus gets fired, and next thing you know- the word bitch, hoe, and nigga/er are all found to have been fathered by none other than hip-hop. and just in case you weren't paying attention- some white dudes found kryptonite... with that said, i give you the first black SuperHero.. roll the tape..

gaaaaaawdayum! that nikkuh look't like George of the Jungle in that clip! ole boy hit that rock so hard, his body went limp like a fruit roll-up! and, why the fukk was he bunging jumping outta a car, at nighttime, anyways? actually, who cares. thats probly one of the funniest clips in a minute...

i got a quik question. why the fukk do black people wear chain wallets? seriously. you'd think the word "chain" in itself would throw people off, but obviously thats not been the case. fortunately enough for you, i've already traveled to the future, and the next big thing in fashion are jeans with shackle prints around the ankles, and shirts with all over prints of slashes from whips... remember who told you first.

whats the deal with this new planet? i wonder if they carry Neiratko's new book out that bitch? i also wonder if people know i dont work for, nor do a moderate for youtube, so please quit sending me clips. unless its something like this..

Claaaawd Hammercy! what kind of fukkery.... you see that last trick? and was dem Bugle Boys that nikkuh had on?! he shoulda checked out this lank. im sayin though. im out. i got shyt to do, like find an apartment, and do some editorial for people who actually pay me. and remember people- turkeys cant 'oink', so in conclusion, theres really no such thing as "turkey bacon". just wanted to say that... jeah!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

haaaaaaa, fuckin bugle boys!

1:58 AM  
Blogger JCK said...

Damn, Clyde. you had to creep me out with that no look stuff. All hail Todd Falcon.. King of the 2 foot mini ramp..

6:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i waited a month for that? step your blog game up piff or i'm gonna stop checkin for you.

4:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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