Friday, May 22, 2009

Sometimes, life comes at you fast...

lemme get straight to the chase.. theres embarrassing ass, moments. and, then theres times where you gota just say "fukk it.. i lost at life.." todays loser at life recipient, is none other than nerd-core rapper/blogger/sh!t talker Charles Hamilton. ill be honest. i know little to nothing about this dude, except that he thinks he bringing pink "back". and, he once dissed Uncle Luke live on the radio by saying something about Lukes wife having a d!ck hanging from her forehead on his television show. dayum. anyways. here we have a situation, where someone gives this nerd a microphone and.. well. just watch the tape:

bwaaaaaaaaaahahhahhahahhaha.. i dont know whats funnier. the fact he got a damn Pink Panther tied around his forearm. the fact he actually admitted to having sex with that marsupial-shaped hip-hop broad. or, the fact ole girl tapped his jaw, and he kept rapping. yknow what? fukk it. id say the combination of all four. but, i will give this dude props for not knocking her teeth out. then again- she lucky that wasnt Dr. Dre, or FunkFlex though.. oops. did i just say that?

im outta here. im battling a pretty bad cold, and drank damn near a half of bottle of Nightime TheraFlu about a hour ago. if my calculations are correct- by the time i wobble to the bed, and wake back up- the Magic should be whoopin up on JeBron Lames Cavaliers. in the meantime, if yall want any music: get on over to hustlemania. if somethings crzacking tonight, or you just wanna let me & the world know everything from you sippin on a coffee, to switching equipment at your local gym: hit me on twitter. yall be easy. jeah!

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Blogger Dorien Wrenn said...

Album sales just went way down! She punched him like a nigguh!She would have alot of time to write more rhymes, while she recovered in the hospital.

5:40 PM  
Blogger S. Ayers Photo said...

That slow-mo was serious. Holy shit.

9:06 AM  

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