Thursday, May 28, 2009

"a fly n!kkas reality, a broke n!kkas dream...."

theres good ideas. and then, theres bad ones. bad idea #209297479742073: stand behind the back door and try to scare ya girlfriend, after shes coming in from letting the dog out. end result. her yelling, and my toenail being crushed in half. man. i still cant feel my toe. and i gotta get on a plane to Minneapolis, in the next 6 hours. thats cool, though. imma still be living the life of a fly n!kkas reality, and a broke n!kkas dream.. you mad? with that said- should be interesting. but nowhere near as interesting as smoking weed, and watching National Geographic Channel. real tawk. i been leaning back on my piFFery over the last few months, and truth be told- flight schools been alot more interesting as of late. for instance.. did yall know THIS?:

what the...? yall see that shat?!! how the fukk did a Octopus, "drown" a shark?! actually. how the fukk, does a shark "drown"? that was one of the most bizarro things, ive EVER witnessed! but, if you think that was something. yall gotta see THIS shat. roll the tape:

did that sh!t ju....? hold up.... what. the. FOKK, was THAT? dead seriousnessly.. what. the. FOKK, was THAT? see. sh!t like that, is EXACTLY the reason why n!kkas DO NOT scuba dive. or swim in the deep end of the pool at night time. one more time, though- what the hell did that thing just do? i aint even gone lie.. that was one of the weirdest things ive possibly ever saw. and people walking around talm bout "aint no such thins as aliens.." yeah. okay. believe that sh!t if you want to..

lets switch up the mood for a minute...i dont know who sent me this, or where the fukk they got it from- but one thing i can tell you- Nas is a GENIUS. i still cant figure out why i never saw this.. roll em:

bwaaaaaaaaaaahahahhahhahahahaha... good Jesus of Megaloids, if that aint one of the funniest things i ever seen't.*loads Nas' "Untitled" LP into the iPod Touch, for the trip* oh yeah.. my girl hooked up the iPod touch, and i swear to Gawd i never knew how dope those things were.. yeah. i lost for trying to be so "anti". but, those things are dope as fokk. now that i plugged it, i wil casually copy+paste todays blog, and shoot it over to Apple for my free product. and, leave the following sentence out. and THATS, how you hustle.. step ya game up. im saying.. i can only give so much swag, for free..

anybody hitting up Manny Mania, in NY in 2wks? i might go.. cant be that hard to win some dough, at a damn manual contest. and while im at it- no disrespect.. but i dont really fukks with Red Bull. it gives you mudbutt. a headache. and furthermore- the new Red Bull Cola products recently been found to have traces of cocaine in it.. dont believe me? take a look at this:

Germany is considering a nationwide ban on the high-energy drink Red Bull Cola after traces of cocaine were found in it.

Authorities in the states of Hesse and North-Rhine Westphalia have ordered retailers to stop selling the beverage - which is available in the UK.

The consumer ministries in the two states confirmed they had ordered retailers to pull the drink off their shelves after a food safety institute in North-Rhine Westphalia found the drug in samples.
Red Bull Cola

Coke problem: An investigation in Germany has found traces of de-cocainized extract of coco leaf in Red Bull Cola

'The institute examined Red Bull Cola in an elaborate chemical process and found traces of cocaine,' said Bernhard Kuehnle, head of the food safety department at the federal ministry for consumer protection.

Authorities said the cocaine levels do not pose a health threat but are not permitted in foodstuffs.

read more here...

well. im outta here. i got some breakfast to cook. invoices to type up. a backpack to pack(im traveling light. the contest is sponsored by DC..) and, im trying to go see my brother at his church before i get to the airport.. in the meantime, for all your new music, news, and other goodies: get on over to hustlemania, or check out Koast & IGod over at 9elements.. and while im at it, check out the antics of my lil brothers world over at yall be easy, and ill keep everyone posted this weekend via iPhone Touch(plug).

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Blogger Dorien Wrenn said...

thanks for the shout out fam!

10:16 AM  
Anonymous everyonesmom said...

Hey Clyde,
Just wanted to say hello from Southern Cali.Glad to see you are back on your blog.I love the mimic octopus bit....reminds me of some mimic women around here.Ha!
Shelton's Mom
....and Jason

7:27 PM  
Blogger S. Ayers Photo said...

I once saw a large frog that instead of birthing tadpoles popped miniature frogs out of its back. Shit was intense. The waters got some wild shit down there.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jay-Z - “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)”

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Rob from Toyota dr said...

Hey Clyde,
Are you the same Clyde who used to skate with us in english estates off 103rd? If so glad to see you doing well.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Robert Hastings said...

Holla back if this is you.

2:40 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yo i'm not stickin up for em but... he ain't say N!gger bitch in that song, but he might as well have with all the derogatory "black girl" bs... but to correct you respectively... he says the N word in a different freestyle somethin like "i aint wit that n!gger shit." it's on youtube... search for "eminem drops the n bomb"... what a dick...

p.s. your part in the 101 trilogy video got me into skateboarding as a kid homie... classic shit! still got the VHS... if only i had a VCR...

3:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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