Monday, March 02, 2009

"i thought the same thing.."

sorry for the minor absence.. as random as it may seem. A-Rods "cousin", somehow hacked into my account. therefore, i wasnt able to log into my blog for a few days.. that sneaky lil, sons' uh b!tch. oh well. im back. and can somebody explain what the fokk, this is? roll the tape:

yeah.. i thought the same thing when i saw it. "damn, i could go for some Chinese food.." was i supposed to say that? who cares. its Monday. i somehow woke up with a bag of chronic strategically placed in my pocket, and a snifter full of lemonade next to my bed. and. its damn near, 70 degrees outside. safe to say- ill be in the hot tub in the next 20 minutes..

heard NY got over foot of snow, last night.. yeah.. i thought the same thing when i heard that:

alright.. that whole- "i thought the same thing" thing, was getting fun tho.. might have to make that my SH!t. or. i could make "my SH!T", my sh!t.. hold on. i think i just officially, confused myself..

speaking of confusing.. HOW does this kinda sh!t, KEEP happening?

in all fairness. more than likely some bamma thought he'd be "funny", by doing this. but nonetheless .the store did issue an apology. btw. that Barnes & Nobles is in Florida.. who woulda guessed.. see. sh!t like that. the lack of a decent burrito. and the beauty of coming home from a night out, and not smelling like you work at a Marlboro factory, are all factors in why ill see most of yall- VERY soon..

speaking of which.. anybody seen Kevin Taylor? where this n!kka, AT? This dudes literally- skateboardings own version of Cam'ron.. we gotta find Kevin, yall. Im callin it. This year. KT gone make it, " a hot sum'muh.." like Cam was 'pose to. matter of fact. i think we need a Kevin Taylor moment:

yup.. i thought th.. kidding. i gotta get outta here, tho. going to hit up the hot tub, and sweat out this pirate juice. then plop on the couch, and catch some college hoops.. a bunch of new tracks, and mixtapes dropped @ i got the hook up. in the meantime, if you wanna catch me on twitter. clink the lank.

and i shall now leave you with- this classic:

damn, im hungry now.. yall be easy. jeah!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this has nothing to do with ugly cats, but I think youd enjoy this Big Daddy Kane link none the less.

1:57 PM  

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