Wednesday, January 28, 2009

"..he got a haircut, like Theo Huxtable friend 'Cockroach'"

ok.. all bullsh!t aside. how the fokk can you take a dude serious, who dresses like this..?

see.. this is exactly why, i could never take Kanye West serious as a person, or a artist.. first off. he got a haircut, like Theo Huxtable friend "Cockroach" from the Cosby show. secondly. ALL them n!kkas look like some gay pirates..third.. is the dude to the left, wearing a pleather, cheetah print jacket? this photo lost, on so many levels. even i dont know what to truly say other than im glad i dont own 808s & Heartbreaks..

wanna feel smart, or look like you actually doing something other than lurking myspace when your signifigant other walks in the room? here ya go.. take some free online classes at MIT.. heres some more, so you REALLY dont have to have an excuse, now.. yeah. youre welcome, for not only saving your relationship. but learning you some sh!t, all in one paragraph..

for those of you who aint broke.. here ya go:

Fairfax Corner Sale @ SLB
501 N. Fairfax Ave
Los Angeles, Ca 90036
Everything in the store will be 50%-70% off; featured brands include Clae, Hot Air, Reason, Homeroom and Cassette

im gonna get out of here.. but before i go. would someone explaun to me exactly what the fokks wrong with 2Pac in this video clip:

what.. the.. fokk.. was... that..? know what? im just gonna act like i never even saw that utter display, of homoness.. im outta here.. hitting the hot tub up. dining on this pasta i just chef'ed up. then going to Tijuana Flats, for free beer.. yup. free beer.. i suggest yall get like me.. jeah!

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Blogger Dwayne said...

If it ain't Chuck Dinkin's illegitimate adopted step play cousin and Kona's own favorite son, Clyde Singleton!!! Man, whats good?! I havent seen you since 92-93 when you Bear, Cain and Robert were hangin' out!!! Hit me back!


5:41 AM  

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