Wednesday, January 21, 2009

my President is, Black...!!!!

*walks in the door, acting like i just came back from the store* Whaddup.. just been chilling down in Florida. layed down a room of flooring yesterday, in the new crib. watched the President get sworn in.. still rockin this knee brace. oh yeah.. its probly a good time for them hoes i live with to know- im moving. tonight. new cribs got the golf course, and hot tub in tripping distance from the front door.. its safe to say- im winning. and, at a lovely pace.. matter of fact. i usually 'ont even do this.. First piece of the year. TWS presents Clyde Singleton vs George Evans.. roll the tape. im back, like a spinal cord in this bish!

shout out to my man Blair Alley, DeWitt over at Element and Jon Montessi.. and, in the good words of my man O'Shea Jackson, "oh.. it aint over muthafokk'uhs.."

did anyone else see this last night..?

did this n!kka just thaink, not only half the world- but the fokkin government? why the fokk would this dude, "thaink" the government..? didnt he get caught with a cache of weapons over a year ago, and only gonna do 12 months? you do realize, anything less than a year, and one day- you can do less than a year..? something dont sound right. truthfully. the government be "thaink'in" TI for his "co-operation"..

so.. i recently got word of ALOT of industry cats, have gotten laid off.. funny thing about that is. i actually called this, years ago.. reason why, is skateboarding hit what id refer to as the "Gold Rush Era". at first.. nobody believed in it.. then. once it was well known, that there was a "rush". jobs started being given to anyone willing to "search for gold". now the golds gone. workers are useless, and have to go back to there random ass lives of obscurity. ill tap into this in a upcoming editorial. but, in the meantime..

heres something that'll get your minds off the cold weather. and being jobless:

January 22, 2009
54 Varick Street, New York, NY 10013
8:30 pm to Midnight

Complimentary Drinks & Hors D'oeuvres - 21 & Over
Early arrival is suggested as space is limited. Entry not guaranteed.

before i get up outta here... i wanna give out one award for 2008.. this is possibly THE best skateboarding ive seen, in a long time.. ladies & gentleman.. star of Minority Report, and upcoming Minority Report 2. and winner of the "2008 Golly im Gully" award- Mr. Anthony Williams.

yeah.. exactly. dudes the TRUTH. im up outta here.. btw- im trying to change the interface on this page, so if im gone for a few days- ill be back.. in the meantime. check out my lil brothers blog. but what i highly suggest, for some of yall is to find a JOB..

and oh yeah.. "My President is Black....!!!!!"

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Anonymous StevenAyersPhotography said...

I'd like to think he was kidding.

Too bad he's not.

Save it TI.

10:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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